Water Retention Landscape – Practical Seminar

October, 17th -28th 2016

"Water, energy and food will be freely provided to the whole of humanity if we re-learn to cooperate with nature." 
(Bernd Walter Müller)


Unsustainable water management is a central element of the ecological destruction all around the globe. The wrong way to treat water leads to so-called natural disasters like flooding, major fires, desertification and a declining ground water table. 

The implementation of decentralized water retention landscapes offers answers: a new way to manage water, a new way for humans to live in cooperation with nature.

Tamera is offering a 2-week practical seminar around this issue. In this seminar around building Water Retention Landscapes we will show the basic principles and the concrete implementation of Water Retention Landscapes in praxis. The practical work will be clarified and deepened by theoretical knowledge

The semiar will cover the following in praxis and on site theory

  • Main thoughts and principles of the Water Retention Landscape

  • Large and half water cycle

  • Seeing the dream of the land, Water as a living being, the basic thoughts of Victor Schauberger

  • Master planning according to WRL (climate, soil, vegetation, watershed, maps, region)

  • Dam building, technical details

  • Swale building in praxis

  • Visit building site

  • Sustainable water management (rainwater & drinking water, waste water)

  • Principles of Rainwater harvesting, different methods (dams, swales, terraces...)

  • Keyline, modelling of rainwater harvesting

  • Reforestation, forest in WRL including tree planting actions

  • Exercises outdoors, (measuring, levelling)


Directed by: Bernd Müller, Christoph Ulbig and Team

Number of participants: 30 maximum

Language: English

Seminar Fee: 500 €

Price for Portuguese: 320 €

Youth Price: 320 €

Price for accommodation & food: 30 €/day

Price for Portuguese: 20 €/day

Youth Price: 20 €/day

Once a minimum number of seminar participants have registered, there is a limited possibility for up to two students to apply for a scholarship (seminar fee reduction). To apply for a scholarship, please send a separate Scholarship Application (in English) to ecology(at)tamera.org. The application should include a statement of interest explaining your motivation to attend the Water Retention Landscape Training, and some words about how the scholarship would enable your participation.

Accommodation: dormitories or own tent
An apartment in the Guest House or a place in the visitor's hut can be booked at an additional cost.

Food: vegan full board

Arrival and departure: the day before/after the course

Registration:  office@tamera.org

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