FAQ: Frequently asked questions


How do guests come in contact with the community of Tamera?
The living and study place for our guests is the guest center. There are always points of contact with the community as a whole: in the Sunday matinee, during the sunrise ritual "Ring of Power" in the stone circle of Tamera, in the bar in the evening or in spontaneously convened assemblies.

How can I join Tamera?
We look forward to motivated people - including professionals - for the ongoing buildup of the whole place and its vision. Tamera is in many aspects already another culture, and the internal and external system change shakes previous habits.
To become a full co-worker in Tamera, it requires a thorough study of the principles and an approach to the community through longer stays and participation in basic courses such as the community course and the love school.
We ask all of you to take your time with the decision and to only dissolve your current living circumstances if a decision is made together with the community. This is not a formal process, but a process of getting to know each other, mutual interests and growing trust.
Professionals, especially in the area of hand crafts are needed and wanted.

How can I contribute and participate from my location?
Tamera stands as a new possibility for life for this whole planet. This possibility does not end at the gates of Tamera. All people that recognize the necessity of this work are invited to collaborate and join this work.
The goal of Tamera is not only the creation of a local or a regional peace project. The project was founded in order to create a global system change for the whole planet. For this big goal to succeed the perspective of a new culture should become known worldwide. It has to arrive in the consciousness of the world population. We ask all friends of Tamera to help to bring the thoughts and writings of this project into the world! Create study groups for the Terra Nova School! Support the project financially!
We thank you for collaboration and support.

How can I support Tamera with my professional skills?

The Crafts team wants to expand. We are looking for people who - like us - love to care for and maintain technical installations, the implementation of skilled manual projects and who like to use their skills for a greater cause. We are looking for experienced and aspiring carpenters, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, all-rounders and more. This year we will conduct small-scale constructions and renovate and maintain our existing infrastructure. Please follow the event calendar, there the craftsman times will be made known. For the first contact with Tamera, we recommend attending an introduction week.

For further questions, please contact Susanne Dorfmueller:  s.dorfmueller(at)tamera.org



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