General Information for your stay:





There are several ways to get to know Tamera:


Participation in a Seminar

For a first impression of Tamera's work we recommend to participate in an Introduction Week. You will find more offers in our Event Calendar.


Season Group

We want to use 2017 in Tamera to strongly focus on deepening and education. As the dense and drastic times we live in become evermore so, we hear the call and see the relevance of passing on the knowledge Tamera has gained in its decades of research and implementation of the global Healing Biotopes Plan. We want to answer this call, by offering a special group of former students and committed and engaged former working guests to be here in service and education.
This work-study offer is for people who want to deepen their education in the Healing Biotopes Plan and also serve in different areas around Tamera, namely the kitchen and gardens.

Though the places students will be serving in are spread around Tamera, participants will be anchored in a group together - living together and meeting daily for studying the many aspects of the Healing Biotopes Plan and for forum. There will also be intensive times every few weeks with art, outings, Love School, and other community activities.

We want to create continuity and build a stable group and therefore we ask for a 3-month commitment beginning on the first Monday of every month. Participation is on invitation or application.

Our Guest Centre serves as the communitarian living and study place.


Price for food & lodging for practical cooperation: 20€/night


We do not offer working in return for free food & lodging.

Day Guest

Occurring each Saturday from mid-May until mid-October, 2017 there is an informational event: from 3.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. (July, August, September and October)


The following days are "Tardes Abertas" exclusively in Portuguese:
August 19th, September 23nd, October 7th.
On August 05th and 12th there will be no informational tour.

It gives a first impression of Tamera's work, including a guided tour of the land and the water retention landscapes. With prior registration, those who wish to visit Tamera for up to two days only, may visit the informational tour on Saturday afternoon, stay for the evening, join the Sunday Matinee, and Sunday brunch. Lodging is in communitarian dormitories/shared tents. Price for the information event is on donation.

Overnight stay in shared accommodation facilities, including dinner on Saturday and brunch on Sunday: 30 €



We ask for prior registration at office(at)


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Parents with Children


Currently the team at the Place of the Children is involved in an intensive preparation for the opening of the International School Escola da Esperança. In addition, the focus is on running an independent school and in creating a children's community. Therefore, it is currently not possible to integrate and accompany guests’ children.

It is very understandable that especially parents are looking for a meaningful perspective in life for themselves and their children. However, Tamera is a training center in the first place. Therefore, it is not always possible to come with children. It is very important to us to offer appropriate structures so that you benefit best from your stay here in Tamera, both - parents and children. We therefore offer certain times when we welcome you with your children. At these times the children are integrated into the seminars and partly a team from Tamera will offer parallel program for children from 6 years. Younger children stay with their parents. We ask all who wish to visit us with children to register at the indicated times, so we plan well and can organize.

If requested we can put you in contact with a co-worker from the children’s project if you have questions about raising children and the school.

Children are warmly welcome to the following times:


August 7th - 16th "Sacred Activism" International Gathering with parallel offer for children (6-13 years)


August 23rd - September 2nd Seed Harvest

More possibilities are still in the planning.







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Arrival/Departure - How to get to Tamera


The next villages are called Reliquias and Colos (4km). The next locations that are accessible by public transportation are Funcheira (20km, train), Cercal (25km, bus) and Ourique (33km, bus). We can pick you up at Funcheira for a fee of 15€ per person (payment directly to the driver).


By train:

Here is some information for travelling by train from Germany, France or Spain.

There is a daily night train going from Hendaye (atlantic coast at the boarder between france and spain) to Lisbon which can be booked pretty cheaply even on short notice. For a cheap travel on short notice it might also be an option to go to Hendaye, Irun or San Sebastian by bus and take the night train from there.

There are trains from Lisbon and Faro to Funcheira. You can find the current train timetables on

By bus

Eurolines and other companies offer international bus lines to Portugal.

From Faro there are busses going to Ourique, from Lisbon both to Ourique and Cercal do Alentejo. Here you find the timetable.The bus station in Lisbon is close to Jardin Zoologico/Sete Rios which you can reach by Metro or by Taxi. 
The bus station in Faro ("estação de autocarros") is close to the railway station.

By carpool

We have our own list for carpools from and to Tamera. Make a new entry and read the instructions.
Other than that, we advise you to search or offer your interest via drive2day.
For final or starting destination enter “Ourique”, 33km from Tamera.  Please name “Tamera” in the comments.Your entry can be easily adapted and modified at any time – stops on your travel can be indicated as well.
Have fun travelling together! 

By car:

GPS: 37°42´54“ North, 8°30´57“ West

From Lisbon: 

Drive South ("Sul") on the IC 1 or on the motorway (A5 SUL) (toll) direction "Algarve" / "Faro". Leave the motorway at the exit "Grândola", continuing on the IC 1. After about 50 km turn right towards Odemira. Go straight on until the traffic light in Relíquias. (Do not follow the sign Relíquias to the right before). At the traffic light turn right and then after a few meters turn left, in the direction São Luís. After about 500 meters turn right into a dirt road (follow the sign "Monte Cerro"). After 4 km turn to the left and you enter Tamera. The road rises onto the dam. For the Guest House turn right, for the Reception turn left, pass the lake and turn right. There is a car park close to the Aula.

From Faro: 

Drive on the IC 1 or the motorway (toll) towards Lisbon. Leave the motorway at the exit "Ourique" and continue on the IC 1 direction Lisbon. In Ourique turn towards "Cercal". After about 15 km turn left towards Odemira. Go straight on until the traffic light in Relíquias. (Do not follow the sign Relíquias to the right before). At the traffic light turn right and then after a few meters turn left, in the direction São Luís. After about 500 meters turn right into a dirt road (follow the sign "Monte Cerro"). After 4 km turn to the left and you enter Tamera. The road rises onto the dam. For the Guest House turn right, for the Reception turn left, pass the lake and turn right. There is a car park close to the Aula.


By plane

The closest airports are Faro and Lisbon.

(Flying causes the most burden to the environment and the climate. Bus or train are much better options when possible. If you would like to make a payment for climate compensation for flying, we can invest it in the reforestation of Tamera, or in one of our partner projects. Write to please at: ecology(at) )


From airport Lisbon

By train: Take the metro in the “Sao Sebastiao” direction to “Estação Oriente” (3 stops from the airport).  From Oriente Station take the train toward Faro and get off at Funcheira.  Please note that a seat is reserved for you on your ticket.  A current train schedule can be found at:

By Bus:  There are several busses dail from Lisbon to Ourique or Cercal do Alentejo.  The bus station in Lisbon is at Jardim Zoologico/Sete Rios and you can get here by taxi, city bus or metro.  A current timetable can be found at:


From Airport Faro: 

By train: A bus to the train station "Estação Oriente" leaves from the airport every hour (the ride is about 20 minutes). A taxi to the train station takes about 15 minutes and costs around 15 euros. Take the train in the direction of Lisbon and get off in Funcheira. Please note that a seat is reserved for you on your ticket.  A current train schedule can be found at:

By Bus: There are several daily buses from Faro to Ourique. The bus station in Faro is located near the train station. A current bus schedule can be found here:


From Funcheira, Cercal or Ourique we will pick you up by car. Please give us your exact arrival time! The expenses for being picked up are paid directly to the driver.


Overnight accommodation in Lisbon:

You can easily get from the airport into the historic city of Lisbon by “Aeroshuttle”. There you find many reasonably priced accommodations.

For Instance Lisbon Calling Hostel
Rua de Sao Paulo, 126 - 3D, Lisboa 
Tel.: 00351 21 343 23 81


Overnight accommodation in Faro:

Close to the train station you find guesthouses with simple rooms.

Cheap and good hotels you can find in the city center, which is a 15min walk from the station. We warmly recommend the Sunlight House Hostel:  or



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Payment and Prices: 


The daily rate for seminar participants is 30 €/night. Please refer to the event calendar for the additional seminar fees.

Children between 6 and 16 pay half the day rate, youth between 17 and 21 pay a day rate of 20 €/night.


We kindly ask you to transfer the payment for food and lodging as well as the seminar fees in advance. You may also pay in cash in Tamera with your Check-in.




Solidarity fund:


We are working towards a solidaric economy that allows us step by step to move from the existing financial system to a humane alternative. In order to allow people from the global South to participate in an education for a new culture, we ask everyone who can, to pay a solidarity contribution of an additional 5 or 10 €/day. Please read our basic ideas about economy and the current economic structure of Tamera.


For more information please write to:  office(at)

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We ask for your understanding in not being able to give further discounts. 

Cash payments in Tamera are to be made in Euros.  We can only accept foreign currencies under exceptional circumstances.  A processing fee of 3% applies in the case of foreign currency.  

Credit card payment is not possible. 


You can transfer money using the following bank accounts for the payment of your course fees and living expenses:



Caixa Crédito Agrícola S. Teotónio 

Account holder: 

Ilos -- Peace Research Centre Lda.

Account No.: NIB 004563324011379695179 

IBAN: PT50004563324011379695179 


Bank Adress: Rua Sousa Prado 18

7630 Odemira, Portugal

Tel: 283 327 233, Fax: 283 322 476



GLS Gemeinschaftsbank Bochum

Account holder: Saskia Breithardt – Forschungsgem. Tamera

IBAN: DE03430609671114083400





Freie Gemeinschaftsbank Basel

Account holder: Barbara Kovats

Account No.: 3164.0

Clearing-No.: 8392

Postscheck Basel: 40-963-0

IBAN: CH47 0839 2000 0000 3164 0



It is possible to use PayPal in certain cases.  To ask about this please contact: office(at) 


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Accommodation is in dormitory rooms; in the summer season it is also in large group tents. Mattresses and bed sheets are provided, but not blankets. Feel free to also bring your own tent and a separate insulation mat if needed. 

On request and at an additional cost, special accommodations can be booked: 

Please inquire to know if these special accommodations are available during the time of your visit! 

Visitors Cottage (max. four people): 5 € / night 

Guest House

Single room: 28 € / night 

Double room: 45 € / night 

Retumbana Guest House (in the neighborhood): 20 € / night



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Our Guest Kitchen serves vegan meals with the majority of the food products produced organically and regional. This means that we prepare vegetables, herbs, fruit, etc. according to the season.



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What to bring: 


• a warm sleeping bag, as it can be cold at night even in summer; pillow 

• sleeping mat, if you want to lie down and rest in the open air 

• summer clothes, warm clothes for the cold evenings, sturdy shoes, headgear 

• Bathing suit and towel 

• Sunscreen and all cosmetics: please only biodegradable and cruelty-free products 

 (these are also available in our store) 

• Flashlight 

• Mosquito net

• notebook and pens 

No hair dryer can be used. 

Please don´t bring pets.



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Internet and Mobile Phone: 


Internet: You can use the Internet via cable connection or use our free WiFi, but it is turned off overnight due to radiation protection. 

Bring an adapter if you need it as we only have the standard Southern European plug.


Mobile phone: If possible, please leave your mobile phone off during the stay in Tamera. 


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