The Sacred Alliance of Life

July 10th - 16th, 2017


(...) In the global consciousness of the new time the reintegration of all life into the “sacred alliance” takes place. If we understand that all beings are organs within the body of the great family of life, the next steps unfold naturally. (...)

 The family of life is healthy when its organs are healthy. The organs are healthy when they connect within the universal frequency of life. It is the energy of trust. (...)

In this original matrix, no violence exists.

Human beings are the eyes of evolution; we can perceive the interconnections and correlations within the biosphere and how its parts have become separate from one another. As we see this we also know how the parts can come together again. This is key to all that we do. When someone asks what the beating heart of Terra Nova is, we can answer that it is the sacred alliance of all living beings. When we speak of the new planetary community, we mean the sacred alliance of all beings, including humankind. As soon as peace arises where there has so far been fear we will recognize the service that those animals which we had expelled from our lives render to us – the snakes, rats, toads, and so-called garden “pests.” We will weep when we recognize how we have behaved toward these animals and when we sense how they have always sought contact with us. We believed them to be vermin and still they approached us because they require our cooperation in the great plan of creation. (...)

As every creature within the sacred alliance is an organ of the whole, all help to keep the whole intact and running. When there is a disturbance in one organ, all others need to engage in overcoming the disturbance. There are indications that certain co-creatures, whales and dolphins for example, have assumed the task to assist humanity it its survival mission.3 From our observations in Tamera, we recognize a similarly supportive function in rats. The closer we look, the more fellow beings reveal themselves as helpers. Bees, for example, play a major part in agriculture; we would struggle to survive without them. In light of how highly complex and finely attuned the biospheric system is, it becomes urgently necessary to radically rethink our relation to animals.

Excerpt from the book Terra Nova – Global Revolution and Healing of Love by Dieter Duhm


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