Technology for Decentralized Autonomous Energy Supply

Day of the open door and Showcase Inauguration in the Solar Testfield. 15.08.2015


"You can never change things
by fighting the existing reality.
To change something build a new model
that makes the existing obsolete.”
R. Buckminster Fuller


Energy autonomy is the most important issue of the developing Solar Age. The sustainable use of local energy not only liberates people from external control, but also supports the formation of autonomous networks of newly growing subsistence economies, particularly in the most economically-impoverished and sunlight-rich regions of Earth.

Jürgen Kleinwächter's concept of the “Solar Power Village” was born from compassion for the people who are forced to burn their last remaining trees to be able to cook; who have no other perspective. Tamera's Testfield-1 for a Solar Village investigates and showcases possible solutions in all areas of life. Decentralized energy supply is combined in synergy with the other basic needs of life: water, food and architecture, to form a living draft of a way of life based on cooperation rather than exploitation. A central feature of this way of life is humans living together on a basis of truth, mutual support and participation in the world.

After years of preparation and experience of laboratory prototypes from Jürgen Kleinwächter and his research team, production-models are now available. The cooperation between the Tamera Testfield1 Team and SunOrbit is moving into a new and intense phase: we will install a complete modular, extensible, “Solar Power Village” system in the testfield.

The modules and their synergies include:

  • The SunPulse500 low-temperature Stirling engine as a prime mover for mechanical (waterpumping) and elecetrical (generator) energy, Reversible it can be used as a cooling engine

  • in combination with a vacuum tube collector

  • Heat storage, the basis for 24h operation. Anticipated combination with our biogas plant for longer periods without sun.

  • running a chest freezer with it, in reversible mode, driven during daytime by a PV-pannel

  • an integrated solar cooker

The need to build decentralized regional networks free from dependency on large-scale industry is becoming ever more obvious. At the same time there is a huge potential for local business to blossom in regional markets. We expect the SunPulse500 to be a strong contribution to regional autonomy, as it can be constructed, installed and serviced by small-scale workshops.


Tamera's Testfield-1 team and Jürgen Kleinwächter look forward to welcoming you to this event.

The event will take place from 2:oo p.m. to around 6:oo p.m.

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