Online Courses

Our online courses are profound interactive learning adventures that you can join from wherever you are in the world. Our 21-day course on the “Healing Biotopes Plan” offers you an in-depth introduction to our vision for global system change. We recommend this course for all those who have a deep interest in our work and want to take part in our on-site courses. Our 8-week course on “Global Revolution and the Healing of Love” allows you to explore inner system change in community, love and sexuality. More courses are in development.

“Healing Biotopes Plan”

During 21 days, study as part of an online community with people from all over the world, exploring these core questions:

  • What are Healing Biotopes?
  • What is the sacred matrix?
  • What is the role of community building in system change?
  • Why is the healing of sex, love and partnership crucial for system change?
  • How is our personal suffering a result of collective trauma? Is there a way out?
  • How can Healing Biotopes have a global impact?
  • What is your contribution to global healing?
Our introduction video gives you an overview of the course:

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“Global Revolution and the Healing of Love”

Join us for an 8-week interactive learning adventure, drawing on our research experience in the following fields:

  • Community Building: A Necessary Basis for Healing Love
  • Free Sexuality and Partnership: Complementary, Not Contradictory
  • Freeing Love from Fear: The Deepest System Change
  • The Healing Biotopes Plan: A Global Blueprint for Peace
  • Healing Water & Healing Love: A New Relation to Life
  • Reuniting Religion and Eros: A New Definition of the Sacred

Scholarships and Reductions

We offer reductions and scholarships upon application. Full scholarships are granted preferably to students from the Global South.