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Our online education offers interactive learning adventures that you can join with other participants. We recommend these courses for all those who are interested in our work and those who have visited Tamera and want to continue their studies. We also offer in-depth accompaniment through consultation with community members and experts from Tamera.

Courses in English:

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Courses in German:

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In this series of webinars, Sabine Lichtenfels and Benjamin von Mendelssohn, co-founders of Tamera’s Global Love School, will explore the foundations for a cultural shift in love and sexuality. Over six online meetings, we’ll explore:

  • What social architecture is needed to support truth in love and sexuality
  • What are paths from collective trauma to forgiveness
  • The shift from fear to trust & from jealousy to solidarity
  • How intimacy, commitment, and freedom are complimentary, not contradictory
  • Why sensual love needs to be anchored in the universe
  • “Where there is love – there cannot be war”– what do we mean when we speak about love?
Our introduction video gives you an overview of the course:

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Join us for a 5-week interactive learning adventure, drawing on our research experience in the following fields:

  • Community Building: A Necessary Basis for Healing Love
  • Free Sexuality and Partnership: Complementary, Not Contradictory
  • Freeing Love from Fear: A Key Element in System Change
  • Reuniting Religion and Eros: Redefining the Sacred


Our introduction video gives you an overview of the course:

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In this rich new study program we welcome you to join us in exploring answers to these questions:

  • How can we build a culture of peace that redefines our interaction with the forces of nature?
  • How can we connect and cooperate with animals?
  • What is the gift of ancient peace knowledge for us today?
  • How can nature help us to find the path toward unification and higher consciousness?
  • How can we affirm our wild sexual nature and what is the global significance of cooperation and compassion with all beings?


Our introduction video gives you an overview of the course:

Through eight thought-provoking webinars, activist and writer Martin Winiecki invites you on an inspiring journey of systemic global thinking. These sessions feature world-leading visionaries and practitioners of systemic change. In these sessions, you will learn:

  • How different current crises, struggles and systems of oppression are interconnected
  • How belief systems and intra- and interpersonal patterns within us underpin destructive systems and dynamics on the outer
  • What could make activism more “sacred” and intentional communities more politically relevant
  • A different source of activism that’s deeper than hope, anger, analysis or saviorism
  • How to open up a different logic of political success, based on resonance rather than imposition and force
  • How to expand your imagination of possible post-capitalist futures
Our introduction video gives you an overview of the course:

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Join parents & educators from Tamera for a month-long exploration into the issue of raising children. Through rich study material accompanied by interactive video calls & webinars, we’ll investigate:

  • The cosmic and political dimension of raising children
  • The tension between freedom and giving orientation
  • Protecting the open heart of adolescents
  • The wider possibilities beyond the nuclear family
Our introduction video gives you a taster of the course:

Join us for an interactive learning adventure, drawing on our experience in the following fields:

  • Natural Water Cycles: Disruption and Restoration
  • Basic Planning: Inventory
  • Basic Rainwater Retention Measures
  • Implementation of Basic Measures
  • Rainwater Retention Basins (Lakes)
  • Master Planning
Our introduction video gives you a taster of the course:

We offer an 18-hour arc of online consultation for peace work projects around the world with experts from Tamera on the following issues:

  • Community building
  • Political activism and networking
  • Envisioning
  • Love and sexuality in the context of a community
  • Communitarian economy
  • Rainwater management
  • Water retention landscapes

Study as part of an online community with people from all over the world, exploring these core questions:

  • What are Healing Biotopes?
  • What is the role of community building in a post-capitalist future?
  • Why is the healing of sex, love and partnership crucial for system change?
  • How can Healing Biotopes have an impact on global consciousness?
  • What is your contribution to global healing?
Our introduction video gives you an overview of the course:

You’ll get to know our vision for a possible new culture of peace that has emerged from our decades-long research. You will explore:

  • What a “Healing Biotope” is
  • The regenerative technologies we use
  • How we’re restoring our ecosystem through natural water management
  • How we practice truth and trust in maintaining our community
  • Our approach to love and sexuality as key elements in our peace work
  • How can we raise free children in a community?
  • Our research in cooperation with animals, plants and all visible and invisible beings
Our introduction video gives you an overview of the course:

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Scholarships and Reductions

We offer reductions and scholarships upon application. Full scholarships are granted preferably to students from the Global South. To apply for a scholarship please write to (at)