Holistic Healing

There’s a whole other dimension of healing rooted in life itself which we call the sacred matrix. Life’s healing powers can cure any disease, even those we call “incurable” and work by themselves as soon as we step into resonance with them. To access this holistic healing, we must study its principles and create an environment of unreserved trust, allowing for insight to arise.

“Healing comes from being connected with the whole. A divine energy resonates through this connection, even in the most profane of activities. Healing is sanctifying, and sanctification is healing. In this equation, we find the self-healing powers of life. The more we relate to the matrix of life, the more healing power can take effect within us. Healing is a result of switching over from the matrix of fear and violence to the sacred matrix of life.”



Since the 1980s, the early days of the project in the Black Forest, we’ve time and again experienced unusual healing experiences in the community, which was the beginning of our research into holistic healing. We’ve seen how, in a communitarian surrounding of profound trust, life’s self-healing powers can work through us, and even severe diseases of members and guests completely heal without medication or therapy, sometimes from one moment to the other. Recognizing there is a healing, sacred matrix within all living beings and of all life, our research since then has focused on creating a collective field for healing. This means creating social and ecological structures that allow their inhabitants to heal as they connect us with each other and with the sacred matrix.

In our internal and external education, we constantly study the principles of healing as a key function of a Healing Biotope and practice them as much as possible in our Political Ashram, in our health station, our social groups and in the Love School.


  • Diseases result from blocked life energies. Healing work means creating living conditions in which these energies can flow freely again.
  • Healing happens through insight. When we reach a conscious understanding of the conflict within us leading to disease, healing occurs.
  • That every disease has a social cause is something that many Indigenous cultures know. Sickness isn’t just an individual matter, it always points to an aspect in the life of the community that needs to be looked at, integrated and/or transformed.
  • When life’s powers work through us, healing occurs “by itself.” It works on a purely energetic and informational level. This isn’t a “miracle” but a principle of life which lies beyond the constraints of materialistic belief.
  • In special, blessed situations, life’s self-healing powers can alleviate even severe and allegedly “incurable” sicknesses from one instant to the other. In many situations, however, healing occurs through a longer lasting process which requires us to consciously open up for the message our organism wants to communicate to us through the sickness.
  • Creating an environment of unreserved trust creates the right conditions for healing to occur and work through us. This is a central task of a healer or Healing Biotope.
  • Knowing of and anchoring ourselves in the sacred matrix of life allows us to access life’s healing powers as we move from a matrix of violence and fear to one of interconnection and trust.