Day Visit

You can visit for the day by joining one of our Saturday afternoon tours and you can stay the night.

On Saturday afternoons in our open season, we offer a tour of our site and a question and answer session. We’re a complex research center, so the tour is a chance to get a first glimpse of Tamera and see the likes of our Water Retention Landscape, Solar Test Field, our permaculture gardens and other projects. You’ll be guided by two members of the community who will answer your questions after the tour in the Cultural Center.

The tours are offered in English, and once a month we offer a Portuguese tour. Check our event calendar to see when the tours are and to book your place.

Staying the Night

Sometimes, it is possible to stay the Saturday night until Sunday afternoon for €30. The price includes accommodation in communitarian dormitories or shared tents, dinner on Saturday evening and brunch on Sunday after the matinee.

To book your stay, please register online.