Spirituality, Art and Healing

Behind the visible world there is a parallel world of undreamt possibilities, a reality largely unknown to us, from where growth, healing and insight emerge. To become able to carry out successful global healing work, we’re learning to cooperate with these universal powers. By discovering our creative process and sacred life force through thinking, spiritual and consciousness work, through art, music, theater and dance, and above all through building trust among people, we learn to connect the world that we create with the world that has created us.

“With the conscious decision to live in a sacred manner, we attract the understanding, the teachings and information that will help us to unfold our gifts for the benefit of all.”


What We’ve Learned

  • Alongside our material world, there is a spiritual reality, from which everything, all things and beings, originate. We refer to it as the coherent field or sacred matrix of life, and we work to perceive and align with this reality.
  • The disease of our civilization – violence, wars and despair – results from a separation from the spiritual reality. Healing occurs both individually and globally when we reconnect with the sacred matrix of life. Healing and regeneration, growth, coordination and inspiration occurs “by itself,” guided by universal consciousness.
  • The sacred matrix operates according to different principles than the mechanistic reality of our material world. Within the sacred matrix, life organizes itself without any effort.
  • In the depths of artistic work, we experience this fundamental principle of life. That’s why we’re called to revive and celebrate art as a vital center of cultural creation– in service of global healing.
  • Every disease can be healed. As long as we’re alive, our organism carries the blueprint of its intact state within it (its “entelechy” or “original matrix”), which mobilizes enormous healing powers when awakened. As an emerging Healing Biotope, we work on social and ecological environments capable of activating these latent potentials within all beings
  • Building communities of trust is a path toward enlightenment. An authentic and lasting spiritual path may or may not be bound to a specific religious denomination. In any case, it requires a truthful way of life, i.e. practicing solidarity and truth in our relationships, empathy for other beings and a clear stance for life in this world.
  • Both Eros and spirit come from the same source. We must reunify them for a humane world to arise. Our patriarchal culture has separated Eros from religion, and so separated humanity from the divine reality. To become able to fully accept our divine nature, we must accept our sexual nature, as they are deeply intertwined.