Sexuality as Sacred Power

Sexuality itself is a sacred life force and the conceiving power in the universe. When we allow it to flow freely, it elicits deep feelings of longing, desire and passion, and in the blissful unifying act produces immense healing for our bodies and souls. We’re experiencing unspeakable suffering all over the world after an age of defiling, suppressing and misusing sexuality. A key part of healing love is to create spaces where we can fully accept our sexual nature and freely express it in mutual respect.

“Sexuality is a superpower. Our attractions and repulsions, sexual signals and links, hopes and disappointments go through all of society like a nervous system, permeating every office, every shopping mall, every art exhibition, every conference, every group, every company, every political party. The healing of sexuality is perhaps the most revolutionary step in the present healing work after thousands of years of suppression and neglect.”



Sexual energy is a universal life energy that allows us, in full freedom and trust, to energetically express our joy in life and find healing in the sacred union. It’s crazy how much intellect and energy is used to suppress, hide and redirect it.

Yet isn’t it a miracle that nearly all human life has incarnated through a sexual encounter? Eros conceals a deep secret of life. It is the life force of the Earth present in all of nature, and sexuality is a way to express our Eros. As the poet Joseph von Eichendorff writes, “It was as though the heavens had silently kissed the earth, such that in the blossoms’ lustre, she was caught in dreams of them.”

Before patriarchal religions introduced the concept of sex as “sinful,” which they used to dominate people, ancient tribes saw Eros as a natural path to connecting with the sacred. Ancient feminine mystery knowledge placed women at the center of the tribe, where they could connect to nature and the goddess and practice fertility and sexuality rituals. To people living in harmony with the natural rhythms of the Earth’s cycles and all life around them, sex was part of the sacred practice of transformation. The separation of Eros and religion disconnected us from our primordial creative force, defiled sexuality, making it seem dirty and shameful, and banished the divine to an unreachable, off-Earth plane.

Despite all their attempts, the systems of power have been unable to fully control the erotic life force of humanity. Sexuality has an anarchistic power that breaks all laws. It’s continually present when people are together and can’t be contained by personal relationships alone. To become truthful in our lives and to heal, we need spaces of trust that allow us to touch and live the universal reality of sexuality and Eros. This requires creating new social structures and doing consciousness work for freeing sexuality and love from fear – this is the aim of our Love School.

Whenever two people come together in freedom and trust, and recognize the sacredness of their union, limits and boundaries dissolve. Sexuality, if lived free from fear and in mutual respect, is in itself a healing power, as it connects us with the vital and spiritual powers of life. We experience this whenever we break down the walls of fear, disgust and shame within us. Someone who has fully experienced erotic love can’t be violent to another living being. Sensual love is the most reliable foundation against violence.


  • The energies of erotic attraction and polarity are fundamental powers of creation. When we recognize ourselves in the other – “tat tvam asi” – in the moment of polarity, solidarity between and among the sexes occurs.
  • The way of erotic love is a sacred path to the divine world. In erotic love, our body meets the sacred and we encounter the transpersonal in the most direct way. We’re creating a new morphogenetic field of love.
  • Sexuality is the deepest pleasure of the flesh and bliss of the soul, the cosmic and sensual  joy at what we can mutually give each other. It’s a deep communication, deep union and deep recognition at the physical level.
  • The divine world is made manifest in freely lived Eros. In connecting sexually, an aspect of the divine world is able to manifest.
  • Suppressing female sexuality was the main tool of domination during the patriarchal era.
  • The healing of love isn’t limited to erotic love. It also includes a new relationship to the fellow human being and to all creatures, moving from our separated picture to connecting with the divine center in all things.