Holistic Education

Living through times of global transformation, with our collective future at stake, we need new types of leaders, communities and networks with different qualities from those taught and supported by the dominant culture. The education we offer empowers people to collaborate in creating a global field for living nonviolently on Earth.

Rather than offering a toolbox of skills, methods, and quick-fix solutions, our trainings aim at changing our relation to life – shifting our collective consciousness from separation to reunion.

Regaining Lost Power

Our education seeks to awaken the latent peace knowledge that we all carry within us – knowledge that has mostly been muted by the programming of fear and mistrust. Taking a holistic learning approach that combines the political, spiritual, social, sexual and ecological fields, we empower people to collaborate in creating a global field for living nonviolently on Earth. It’s an education dedicated to regaining lost power on all levels, but in particular for:

  • widening our circle of compassion to embrace all that lives, to be able to take an unreserved stand for life and what we love
  • freeing the power of consciousness for autonomous thinking, taking full responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions and consciously connecting to the sacred matrix
  • freeing our sexual and vital energies from fear and unnecessary suppression, to make our bodies vessels for the universal powers of life
  • learning to communicate and cooperate with nature, so we can establish a regenerative society that no longer exploits, but serves life.

Learning In and Through Community

In all our programs, learning takes place in and through community as community is the universal human vessel that we need to rebuild to restore the wholeness we’ve lost as humanity. In every group we can find all issues of humanity reflected, all light and shadow sides – therein lies a potential workshop for global transformation.

In nature, healthy resilient systems evolve through functioning feedback loops – the same is true for our social systems. By participating in community and learning to give and receive genuine feedback, qualities like trust, truth, acceptance and mutual support naturally come into being. As you develop communitarian consciousness, you start to look at the world and yourself from a different perspective. You will, for example, no longer search for immediate conflict resolution but instead develop genuine interest in the inner workings of humanity.

Though our trainings are highly experiential, we focus a great deal on reflection and developing historical, political, spiritual and psychological meta-consciousness, as lasting transformation only occurs through gaining insight. The more you can understand the ubiquitous structures of both the matrix of violence and the sacred matrix, the more you’ll become able to deal with conflict, as you learn to discern between the two and to root yourself more and more firmly in the sacred matrix. We don’t work with our intra- and interpersonal issues in a therapeutic sense, focusing on our own personal healing primarily, but instead approach our issues with the awareness that they’re expressions of the dominant global field and that by developing consciousness about them we can contribute to the necessary global shift. We thereby transcend the individualistic fragmented notion of self in Western society, to embrace our interdependence and inter-being with all that lives.

We don’t intend to deliver the perfect workshop –  we want to provide a communitarian learning environment for you to make use of. You’ll learn as much as you work with the issues we’re dealing with, involve yourself in the process of community building and have the courage to ask and follow your true questions.

Thus learning takes place not only in the “classroom,” but in life itself, sometimes in the most non-linear and creative ways. When consciousness is allowed to alter, life turns into a cosmic classroom. Perhaps a dream, an unexpected phone call from an old friend or an encounter with a wild animal will give you an answer to the question you’ve walked with.