Be Part of Manifesting a Global Peace Plan

With your donation, you help us maintain and broaden our research, education and outreach program. And wherever you are, you can engage with the Healing Biotopes Plan by becoming an advocate, joining the Ring of Power or by offering your specialist skills.

Invest in the Future Today

While governments spend billions of taxpayer dollars on war and destruction every single day, building an entire Healing Biotope costs less than a single military tank. As there aren’t any public funds supporting Healing Biotopes (yet), our work on a nonviolent culture largely relies on private support.

Currently around 60–70% of our funding comes from seminar revenue. With your support, we can focus on more intense research, expand our education program, help like-minded organizations and set up more Healing Biotopes.


There are many ways for you to get involved from anywhere in the world: Become an advocate for the Healing Biotopes Plan. Join the Ring of Power in spiritual connection. Check the opportunities for specialist support on different projects in Tamera.