On-site Courses

Here is an overview of the different  programs we offer at Tamera. These include the Introduction Weeks, which provide a comprehensive overview of Tamera and the Healing Biotopes Plan and seminars focusing on love, art, cooperation with animals and the earth, and more.

7-day courses

Introduction Week

In this week you will gain an insight into the foundational ideas and the different areas of our work – from technology to spirituality, from global peacework to sexuality and love. You’ll also get an introduction to the vision of the Healing Biotopes Plan, the political and spiritual basis of our work towards inner and outer peace as cultural goods.

Water Retention Landscape – Introduction

This course introduces the design and creation of scalable Water Retention Landscapes. We’ll outline the principles which inform the design process and look at practical examples. Tamera’s land and surroundings will serve as a model to show different techniques to retain water, accumulate nutrients, build soil and increase biomass and biodiversity.

(See below for details of a more in-depth exploration of Water Retention Landscapes over 10 days)

10-day courses

Water Retention Landscape Training

Creating decentralized Water Retention Landscapes (WRL) is a regenerative practice that engages us with the ecosystems that sustain us and our wider community. It is a wholesome way to be in relationship with water, land and everything that follows. Think globally, act locally.

12-day courses

Introduction to Tamera: Special Emphasis on Cooperation with Animals

This 12-day seminar will offer you an introduction to the Healing Biotopes Plan, insight into the foundational ideas and the different areas of our work. It will have a special emphasis on our work with animals and introduce our approach of nonviolent cooperation and spiritual communication.

Longer Courses

Community As A Way to Peace Knowledge

This 4-week course will guide you through the essential learnings of community based on the Healing Biotopes Plan – the global peace proposition at the heart of our work. You’ll study and experience the development of a group based on truth, transparency and trust.