Youth School

We’re working on a new project to create a school for youths aged 15–18 years old as an interactive, future-oriented center for the youth of our community, region and network. Currently, we help our youth by offering internships, learning journeys, international exchanges and theater training and support them to make their first steps in love. The school will equip them with the necessary skills to be able to face the critical global challenges of today’s world, and be a training ground for peaceworkers to build a better future and world for all.


Today’s young people inherit a world in crisis with pressing challenges from war to climate change to unstable economies. Our hope lies in them being able to make a fundamental system change in global development. Current educational systems don’t answer many of  our youth’s existential questions or prepare them for the enormous task they face ahead. We want to create a youth school for global learning to provide young people with holistic learning strategies in:

  • achieving global consciousness
  • the holistic worldview and the Healing Biotopes Plan
  • finding creative expression in theater
  • in-depth social education in teamwork and community building
  • love school training
  • training of professions for a new culture.

We want a young person growing up to be able to walk a continuous educational pathway from nursery through kindergarten, school and university in the Healing Biotopes framework – an unending, free, creative learning journey throughout their entire life.

At the moment, many of our youth leave our community for certain periods of time to attend and graduate from official schools, and/or do professional training.

What We Do

We are currently accompanying the youth of Tamera and our network by:

  • supporting them on their professional education path, i.e. by offering them professional internships in Tamera or finding them internships in our global network
  • offering political journeys to the Global South and crisis areas like Israel-Palestine, Colombia and Brazil
  • organizing international youth exchanges with partner projects in other countries
  • hosting an annual international youth camp in Tamera, in which up to 50 young people participate
  • providing special intensive learning times, e.g. on theater, political training or community building
  • supporting them in their first experiences in love and sexuality by creating intimate spaces of trust in which they can ask their questions and get support when needed.