Visiting Tamera with Children

Given the current global situation, many parents are looking for prospects of a life worth living for themselves and their children and for alternatives to the existing educational systems. Many families are setting up alternative forms of living and community building and want to learn from Tamera. This year, unfortunately, we have no courses which include parents with children. We hope that our next season can have one or two courses where you can visit us with your children.

To get to know Tamera, we always recommend coming without children for a first visit. Your first experience at Tamera is often exciting, moving, inspiring, sometimes even turbulent and life-changing. So that you can immerse yourself in your own experiences in a group or course, we recommend that you make your first visit without your children.

If your children are too young for you to travel without them, or if you consciously want to experience Tamera with your children, we want to make sure we can offer suitable structures so that both you and your children can benefit from your stay here in Tamera in the best possible way.

What We Offer

In a place with ongoing seminars, many visitors and things constantly changing, a clear structure is required so that children can arrive and feel comfortable. Since we don’t (yet) have the capacity to offer such structures throughout the whole guest season, we offer specific times when we welcome you with your children. The children will be integrated into the seminars, and Tamera co-workers will offer a parallel program for children from the age of 6 years. Smaller children will stay with their parents.

2024 dates to be announced…

Our Children’s Place

The “Children’s Place” plays an important role in building a Healing Biotope. In addition to the basic question of how children grow up in community, the team is working hard to inaugurate our own international school, the “Escola da Esperança.”

At present, the focus is on running the school on a day-to-day basis within the framework of the Portuguese school system. The children learn in the context of homeschooling and are prepared for the official Portuguese exams (“provas de equivalênca”). As this work needs continuity, we’re unfortunately unable to temporarily integrate guest children into the classroom.

You will get an insight into the work at the Children’s Place, the idea of the school and the issue of raising children in community during our Introduction Weeks.

In addition, the team at the Children’s Place regularly offers open days with a guided tour and Q&A session. If you are interested, please contact them directly at: office (at)