Communitarian Ethics

Our ethical values are central to all who live, work and study in Tamera, and are vital to establishing trust and building community. To create coherence for field building, we share a commitment to understand and incorporate our community ethics as a code of conduct in our daily lives.

“There is a universal objective ethic in the co-existence of the great family of life, the ‘legal code’ of the sacred matrix … determined by the elementary interconnectedness and interdependence of all beings … we live in a community of life with animals and plants … all are organs of the great organism of life – we therefore need to care for and support them all.”

DIETER DUHM in “Terra Nova: Global Revolution and the Healing of Love”

One of the core research questions we’ve had since the beginning of the project is: “How does trust arise among people and among all beings?” In a world where our survival is centered around disguise and lies, creating trust is deeply revolutionary. That’s why we saw the need to develop fundamentally new ways of life, to establish trust, even in the most delicate realms of sex, money and power.

Our Ethical Guidelines Are:

Be Truthful and Transparent

A prerequisite of transforming fear into trust is making important processes transparent within the community. The resilience and vitality of our community depends on whether we can meet each other without masks and show who we truly are.

Provide Mutual Support

We support each other to function as a healthy community organism, with reinforcing and balancing feedback loops, which allows us to develop a sense of the communitarian self – a higher level of order in which the individual self is part of a greater whole.

Participate Responsibly

When we contribute ideas, make decisions and take responsibility, we create coherence in the community and an environment for healing. The more we participate and engage in the community, the more we can give acceptance.

Respect & Care for the Earth & All Beings

We honor the basic right of every being to live in freedom and dignity, and choose to step out of a system that’s complicit in their suffering. This means not only changing our habits of consuming and acting, but creating a whole new model of life.

Be Reliable

We follow the simple motto: “Do what you say and say what you do.”