The Healing Biotopes Plan

The plan presents a strategy for global system change, achieved through a network of Healing Biotopes that create a field for living on Earth nonviolently. The plan answers the question “How can we overcome war, cruelty and fear worldwide?”

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What is a Healing Biotope?

The word “biotope” comes from the Greek “bio” (life) and “topos” (place). It’s a habitat where all life forms – humans, animals, plants, waters and other beings – co-exist in united diversity.

The origins of the words “healing,” “wholeness” and “holy” are the same. To heal doesn’t mean to fix an illness or problem, but to overcome separation and restore the wholeness of life.

“There is the world that we create and there is the world that has created us. These two worlds must come together. This is the goal of our journey.”


Healing Biotopes are experimental research and learning centers that model a new culture where these two worlds have come together. When we align with the universal patterns of life, healing happens “by itself.” We see this in nature, for example when healing plants spring up where earth is broken in mines and quarries, or when wounds heal in our own bodies.

Healing Biotopes establish a social, ecological and economic framework that allows life’s self-healing powers to unfold and shape human culture. Cooperation and trust are fundamental. Ultimately, a Healing Biotope is a place where all beings live together in full cooperation and unreserved trust.

Healing Biotopes are futuristic centers for humanity to see and embody a new vision for inhabiting this planet. Through lived examples they demonstrate how decentralized, autonomous communities can emerge around the world as the foundation for a new planetary culture.

Like all living organisms, Healing Biotopes are open systems, responding to the needs of and integrating knowledge from the region and the world around them. So they always keep evolving.

What is the Plan?

The Healing Biotopes Plan, formulated by Dieter Duhm, emerged from decades of research perceiving life’s potential for healing and regeneration. The “plan” is to concretely build these centers around the world. To do this, every aspect of our lives must shift from fear to trust.

Key research areas include:

  • building community
  • healing sex, love and partnership
  • self-change and healing our consciousness
  • raising children
  • cooperation with animals and all beings
  • restoring nature
  • regenerative decentralized autonomy in water, energy and food
  • new economics.

Healing Biotopes synthesize different solutions in all these areas into a coherent system. What brings about global change isn’t a single solution, person or project, but an integrated unified system.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”


How Can a Few Healing Biotopes Change the World?

Combining findings from cybernetics, system theory, holography and other disciplines of modern sciences, Dieter Duhm developed his “Political Theory” in the 1980s. It shows why and how Healing Biotopes can become globally effective.

To put it briefly, life evolves through “morphogenetic fields.” These are pervasive informational patterns that store the collective physiological, psychological and mental habits of each species. Life doesn’t evolve gradually, but through evolutionary leaps. A breakthrough in one or a few places generates a new field that changes everything. After the steam engine was developed in the 18th century, the industrial revolution spread worldwide. After the personal computer came on the market in the 1970s, the digital revolution began to transform the world. The same principle applies to freeing our world from war.

A morphogenetic field of fear and violence currently dominates humanity, as can be seen in the catastrophes around the world. Yet, we all also carry a different pattern within us, which makes us breathe, digest, heal and love. We call it the sacred matrix – it is inherent to all that lives. Neither fear nor violence exists within the sacred matrix, as it is the matrix in which all beings are interconnected.

If there are even just a few societal prototypes on Earth that embody the sacred matrix in sufficient complexity and depth, we’re likely to see an effective morphogenetic field of peace emerge to eventually replace the current field of violence. Wars will end because people will no longer be able to carry out violent acts in this field. Once we awaken from the hypnosis of fear, we can see this possibility. To become our reality, it needs our will, intelligence and action.

How We’re Implementing the Plan

We’ve committed ourselves to:

  1. Building a first Healing Biotope in Tamera, by researching the ethical, social, sexual, ecological, technological and economic foundations of a culture of peace.
  2. Empowering those committed to the Healing Biotopes Plan through education and outreach – mentoring, consulting, networking and political support.
  3. Sharing the vision of Healing Biotopes around the world with people looking for a future worth living.

How You Can Help Implement the Plan

We are looking for support in the following ways:

You can also study and get involved.

Be part of manifesting a global peace plan. With your donation, you can help us maintain and broaden our research, education and outreach programs.