Education for Children and Youth

Primary and Secondary School in Preparation

We currently seek accreditation for the “Escola da Esperança” (“School of Hope”), to offer an open, holistic learning space to primary and secondary level children of our community, our region and from all over the globe. We believe children and youth are the future of our planet and that each child carries a seed for a humane world. Our goal is to nurture this peace power by providing children with an environment where they can freely follow their curiosity, develop trust with each other and gain crucial social and ecological knowledge for the future.

Help us establish the first international school in the Alentejo!
Your donation will enable the next generation to become co-creators of a peaceful world.

International Youth Camps

We’re hosting annual international youth camps for 13 to 18 year-olds, facilitated by trained youth guides, in which you can:

  • build community and develop trust with each other
  • bear witness to the world and build global consciousness
  • explore solutions for a peaceful, regenerative future
  • think about what you really want from life – free of expectations and social pressure
  • dream and envision a world you can love
  • find creative expression in theater, dance, poetry and music
  • find a protected, trustful space to articulate your questions in love and sexuality and receive support.

The dates for the 2023 camp will be published in our event calendar when they are available. To stay updated, sign up for our newsletter.

We’re also preparing to create a school for youths aged 15–18 years old as an interactive, future-oriented center for the youth of our community, region and network. Currently, we support our youth by offering internships, organizing learning journeys, international exchanges and theater training and accompany them as they make their first steps in love.