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News Update

“There's Never Been Oil Exploration in Portugal: Let’s Keep it That Way”

On April 14 2018, over 1000 people protested in Lisbon against planned fossil fuel exploration in Portugal.

Martin Winiecki, April 19 2018

News Update

Statements for Our Anniversary from Around the World

Friends & partners are sending video messages & letters to celebrate our 40th anniversary

Martin Winiecki, March 26 2018

News Update

The Struggle Continues: No Fossil Fuel Exploration in Portugal!

While ENI / GALP is pushing for oil drilling in Aljezur, the resistance is getting ready to rise.

Martin Winiecki, February 13 2018


Tamera Delegation Accompanies Threatened Peace Community in Colombia

Red alert for our Colombian partners after one of their community leaders faced an assassination attempt.

Martin Winiecki, January 27 2018


"Ultralight Membrane Mirror"

Breakthrough for Solar Cooking & Community-Scale Industrial Processes

Dr. Douglas Baillie, February 2 2018