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News Update

“Marcha pela Água”: Water march in Odemira

400 people rose up against agro-industry and for regeneration.


Martin Winiecki, 26 October 2021

News Update

Short Documentary: Resisting Abusive Agro-Industry in Portuguese Natural Park

Abusive agro-industry is rapidly destroying and contaminating a Portuguese natural park, while exploiting migrant workers under slave-like conditions.

Martin Winiecki, 11 June 2021

News Update

Tamera Joins the #HANDSFORHUMANITY Campaign

Tamera joins the #handsforhumanity campaign, raising awareness and funds for the globe’s 70.8 millions refugees.

Rui Braga, 21 May 2021

News Update

Remembering Ladonna Brave Bull Allard

We remember our dear friend Ladonna Brave Bull Allard, who recently crossed the worlds and became an ancestor.

The Tamera Community

News Update

Global Grace Day, November 9 2020: We Refuse to Be Enemies

November 9: What enables us to leave hostile thinking behind?

Sabine Lichtenfels

News Update

World Animal Day, October 4 2020

Help protect our fellow creatures: join us for World Animal Day

Barbara Kovats

News Update

Children on the Joys of Gardening in Times of Corona

A report from our children about our community food garden.

Lucia & Alma, July 3 2020

News Update

In Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

We stand in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter

Tamera Community,
June 2020

News Update

Documentary: One Billion Rising 2020 in Odemira's Women's Prison

OBR 2020 – A documentary with Tamera and Odemira Women’s Prison

News Update

Corona as a Chance for System Change

Now is the time for system change on a deep level.

Tamera Community, April 1 2020

News Update

One Billion Rising 2020 in Odemira

Tamera celebrates One Billion Rising with Odemira Women’s Prison.

Janka Striffler, February 17 2020

News Update

Tamera´s Participation in ‘One Billion Rising’ 2020

One Billion Rising 2020 – “Raise the vibration and rise for revolution”

Haneen Abualsoud, February 3 2020

News Update

New Year 2020: Sabine Lichtenfels to Communities and Friends around the World

Let’s use our capacities and intelligence to activate healing powers.

Sabine Lichtenfels, January 1 2020

News Update

Rojava Lives

Despite the invasion, the Rojava revolution continues in north-east Syria.

Leila Dregger & Martin Winiecki, January 1 2020

News Update

“We stand in solidarity with Rojava, an example to the world”

Urgent statement on the Turkish invasion of north-east Syria released in The Guardian.

November 2 2019

News Update

“Defend the Sacred” Conference 2019: Watch Keynote Panels, Updates & Slides

More than 300 activists gathered for the “Defend the Sacred: Conference for Global Change-Makers” at Tamera.

Martin Winiecki, August 26 2019

News Update

"Fontes Vivas": A Celebration of Living Springs in the County of Odemira

Reviving an old Portuguese custom in our region of celebrating local water sources on midsummer’s day.

Barbara Kovats & Martin Winiecki, July 19 2019

News Update

Farewell to Charly Rainer Ehrenpreis

Farewell to Rainer Ehrenpreis, co-founder of Tamera, musician, physicist

Leila Dregger, July 11 2019

News Update

Tamera 2018: Our Highlights in Review

40 years after its founding, our project is in full swing

Martin Winiecki, December 31 2018

News Update

Global Grace Day, November 9 2018: From Fear to Trust

November 9: Join our meditation and envision a healed planet Earth

Sabine Lichtenfels, October 25 2018

News Update

Youth Camp 2018

 43 young people met at Tamera to explore global solutions in a trust based community adventure

Nora Czajkowski, October 2 2018

News Update

Defend the Sacred: A Global Alliance for System Change

In August 2018, over 80 activists met at Tamera to birth a global community rooted in ethics, spirituality and vision

Leila Dregger, September 5 2018

News Update

“Rise for Climate:” Rise with us on September 8!

We’re one of over 40 organizations calling for the march in Portugal. We’ll rise for system change

Martin Winiecki, September 3 2018


Parar o Furo – Stop the Oil Drilling

On August 4 2018, we carried out an aerial art action to stop the planned oil drilling in Portugal. The movement is still continuing. Join us!

August 14 2018

News Update

Technology Month Report: June 2018

An update from our month with technology specialists focusing on alternative energy and solar cooking

Douglas Baillie, August 3, 2018

News Update

Israel–Palestine: What is the path of reconciliation?

Report from a 3-day gathering near Gaza to focus on refusing the narrative of fear and hatred fueling the conflict

Rui Braga, July 13 2018

News Update

Tamera Co-Workers to Support Youth Festival in Farkha, Palestine’s First Ecovillage

Call-out for a group of experienced community members to support the summer youth festival in Farkha, Palestine

Aida Shibli & Frederick Weihe, May 4 2018

News Update

There's Never Been Oil Exploration in Portugal: Let’s Keep it That Way

On April 14 2018, over 1000 people protested in Lisbon against planned fossil fuel exploration in Portugal.

Martin Winiecki, April 19 2018

News Update

Statements for Our Anniversary from Around the World

Friends & partners are sending video messages & letters to celebrate our 40th anniversary

Martin Winiecki, March 26 2018

News Update

No Drilling in Portugal

While ENI/GALP is pushing for oil drilling in Aljezur, the resistance is getting ready to rise

Martin Winiecki, February 13 2018