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Thanks to your monthly donation, we’ll be able to sustain and further develop Tamera as an emerging Healing Biotope in service to a new global culture. Covering our basic needs will allow us to deepen our research, expand our education program and grow our global network.

The Support Circle is part of a growing network of people that has formed around Tamera in the past years. Although many research projects receive funds from governments for their work, there aren’t governments yet that see the relevance of Healing Biotopes, so we invite you to help us crowdsource the funds needed to conduct our research for a regenerative culture.

We are happy to be able to gift back through intimate updates from Tamera and will remain in contact with you to find out what you’d like to receive from us. For more information, please get in touch: supportcircle (at)

Thank you for your ongoing support!

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You can donate from all over the world – every amount helps. Tax deduction receipts are available for payments from Portugal, Germany, the US and Switzerland.