Community Ownership

At the moment, there’s no legal governance structure that fits the complexity of an emerging Healing Biotope. So, our legal status and economic model is made up of 2 associations that own equal shares of a business. In other words, we have communitarian ownership of a not-for-profit social enterprise.

Our Business

The company ILOS, Peace Research Center, Lda. owns Tamera’s property and infrastructure. It’s responsible for:

  • management and maintenance
  • planning and licensing
  • water and land management
  • providing board and lodging for our courses
  • managing the financial administration of some of our courses.

All of ILOS’ revenue is used to cover its costs, or is reinvested to fulfill the purpose of the business. So the “business” is a not-for-profit social enterprise (which doesn’t exist yet as a formal category in Portugal).

Business Contact:
ILOS – Peace Research Center,
Lda Monte do Cerro,
7630 – 392 Relíquias, Portugal

NIPC: PT 503 436 445
Phone: +351 – 283 635 311

Our Associations

There are 2 associations that are equal shareholders in ILOS, Peace Research Center and they manage the finances of the seminars – these contribute to financing the respective research and educational activities. Other costs are funded through donations and grants.

Each person in the community is a member of one of the associations. This means that the community collectively owns the property, the infrastructure, all of Tamera’s projects and takes part in management decisions. No individual can sell, buy or otherwise transfer shares of Tamera.

The Associations are:

G.R.A.C.E. – Associação Grupo para a Reconciliação em Áreas de Crise e Educação
(Group engaged in Reconciliation in Crisis Areas and Education)

Responsible for:

  • education, both internal and external
  • global peacework
  • supporting students and peaceworkers from economically unstable backgrounds.

In November 2017, the association was recognized as an NGO (Portuguese acronym: ONGD) by the Instituto Camões – Instituto de Cooperação e da Língua (an institute of the Portuguese State Department).

Association contact:
Associação G.R.A.C.E
Monte do Cerro,
7630 – 392 Relíquias, Portugal

NIPC: PT 509 528 694
Phone: +351 – 283 635 311

Associação para um Mundo Humanitário 
(Association for a Humane World)

Responsible for:

  • Tamera’s environmental, ecological and technological research projects.

Association contact:
Associação para um Mundo Humanitario (AMH)
Monte do Cerro,
7630 – 392 Relíquias, Portugal

NIPC: PT 514 189 568
Phone: +351 – 283 635 354

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