Healing of Love

Bringing about system change in love and sexuality is essential to our peacework and for building Terra Nova. Sexuality is a sacred life force and healing takes place when we can accept and express it without lies and shame. In a community with strong ethical guidelines, exclusiveness, jealousy and fear are replaced with mutual support and trust. We run Love School to study what makes love last and build trust in community, allowing the universal energy of Eros to connect us with each other, the Earth and all life.

“There can’t be peace on Earth as long as there’s war in love. Humanity has wrongly organized love, locked it into narrow cages of possession and fear, which is why it so often turns into anger and hatred. The global epidemics of violence ravaging this planet result from a culture that has inhibited love. The healing of love isn’t a private, but a political issue of the highest priority. We must find a new concept for love if we want decent survival on Earth.”


What We’ve Learned

  • Healing love and sexuality means freeing them from fear. After thousands of years of patriarchal violence against the feminine, Eros and the flesh, we all carry a collective trauma within us. The pain we individually face in sexuality and love results from this deep-rooted historical fear.
  • Love is a state of being that can’t be possessed or regulated by laws. To build lasting loving relationships, we need a different image of love, no longer based on exclusiveness, jealousy and fear, but on mutual support and trust in community.
  • By demonizing sexuality, the patriarchy has set it in opposition to love. But sexuality is a sacred life force that gives us insight and healing through the blissful, unifying act of sex. Violence isn’t part of sexuality’s actual nature, it’s a result of it being suppressed. After thousands of years of violence and denial, liberating sexuality from fear and misuse may be the deepest step of healing we can currently enact.
  • Building communities of trust is fundamental to healing our collective wound. Offering spaces of transparency and solidarity, community allows lovers to encounter each other in truth and so develop trust.
  • Strong ethical guidelines are needed when building communities of trust. For the healing of love to happen and to create trust among one another, we need to free our social structures from all reasons for lying and deceit.
  • Jealousy doesn’t belong to love. There is unfortunately no pill for jealousy, but the more trust grows among people, the less space there is for separation anxiety and jealousy. This is a basic experience in a functioning community.
  • Free sexuality and partnership are complementary, not contradictory.
  • Ultimately, the healing of love goes beyond the social realm alone. It’s a path of reconnecting with the world that has created us, realizing our universal nature and taking a stand for life.

Learn More About Healing Love

New students – read our study texts and sign up for the next online course in the Healing of Love. Study units include:

  • community building – the core to healing love
  • free sexuality and partnership – complementary, not contradictory
  • freeing love from fear – the deepest system change
  • the Healing Biotopes Plan – a global blueprint for peace
  • healing water and healing love – a new relation to life
  • reuniting religion and Eros – a new definition of the sacred.