Plan Your Stay

Welcome to Tamera – a peace education and research community. As an emerging Healing Biotope, we choose to live with the sacred alliance of life establishing a social, ecological, and ethical framework based on cooperation and trust.

Our vision is:

To birth Terra Nova – a world beyond war – by building Healing Biotopes as futuristic centers to research and model a new planetary culture.

We want to educate and support people in the world who share our vision of a planetary culture of autonomous and interconnected communities, a post-patriarchal civilization free of violence and war. With our 40 years of experience, we know the importance and balance of inner and outer peacework required to affect change individually, regionally, nationally and globally.

Arriving and Leaving

You can come 1 day before the start of your course or event.

  • If you’re staying in a dormitory or tent, check in at the Guest Center Reception.
  • If you’re staying in a campervan, caravan, visitor hut, or at the Guest House, check in at the Guest House Reception.
  • Please pay all fees in advance or in cash when you arrive. We don’t accept credit cards and there’s no ATM on site. The closest ATM is in the neighboring village, Relíquias.

Please leave 1 day after your course ends. If you want to stay longer, you must be embedded in another course.

  • If you need a shuttle to the train station, please arrange it with the reception no later than 2 days before you leave.
  • And make sure you visit the Terra Nova Bookshop to get your books to continue studying about Tamera!

What to bring

Make sure to pack the following items:

  • a warm sleeping bag and pillow, as it can be cold at night even in summer
  • a sleeping mat, if you want to lie down and rest in the open air
  • summer clothes, warm clothes for cold evenings, sturdy shoes, headgear
  • a bathing suit and towel
  • biodegradable and cruelty-free cosmetics – this is important as we are building a Healing Biotope in cooperation with nature
  • a flashlight (also available in our store)
  • a mosquito net (also available in our store)
  • a notebook (also available in our store)

Please note that you can’t bring pets or use hair dryers.