Horse Project

We want to create an example of peaceful cooperation among all living beings based on trust. We’re exploring a nonviolent way of communication between humans and horses. Such contact demands inner clarity and a sincere willingness to cooperate. We thereby experience new possibilities of interacting – learning perception, centeredness, awareness and a holistic view of our actions and surroundings, which are vital skills for love and community. We offer four-day horse courses for you to dive into this experience.


We research an alternative to the traditional methods of horse husbandry. Following the idea of cooperation, we offer them conditions in which they can live in a natural way, moving freely and expressing themselves without unnecessary restrictions.

Horses are very powerful animals that help us to work deeply on ourselves. Instead of manipulating or violently breaking their will, we learn how to perceive and connect to the soul of the horse. Our horses are part of the work we do with our youth, trauma healing for adults and the Love School.

Step by step, we’re preparing to change our pasture management to align ourselves with the ecosystem restoration work, by implementing Holistic Planned Grazing and Paddock Paradise.


  • To establish an authentic nonviolent connection with horses and create mutual trust and respect, we have to be completely present, with clear and sincere intentions, and communicate on a physical, mental and emotional level.
  • As they feed back our behavior in a non-judgmental, but immediate and direct way, they help us to develop the clarity needed for effective communication. At times this isn’t easy, as they show us our detrimental psychological patterns – such as clinging, demanding, forcing and craving attention. Yet they also guide us through our fears – towards new possibilities.
  • By observing and studying the natural dynamics of the herd structure, we can learn about building community and the relevance of different archetypal qualities. We learn how to come into contact with people with more clarity, sensitivity and perception. The kind of presence they teach us is what we need to develop truthful contacts in our interpersonal lives. We see the parallels between the historical patterns of fear and possessiveness in love and the conventional patterns between horses and people, allowing us to better understand and change these deeply ingrained structures.
  • Horses help to serve the healing of traumatized people as they offer us authentic profound connection in a non-dangerous way. Compared to interpersonal contacts, with horses it’s much easier to meet another being free of projections and conventional communication patterns. This experience nourishes and heals the human heart.
  • Horses help our children and youth to enter into a perceptive, open-hearted, rather than an efficiency-oriented contact with other beings. Teenagers can explore and express their life energies in the work with horses. Having the horse as an opposite and friend, they can playfully test their borders and form their character.
  • From early on, children can experience the magic of cooperating with such big beings, learning body and energetic awareness. By getting in touch with nature, they realize that all of life is interconnected and strives towards regeneration and healing.

Join our Horse Courses

We regularly offer four-day horse courses where you can learn how to step into your authentic strength and beauty. Our horses and experienced trainers will teach you:

  • how to communicate through body language and intuition
  • how to find your center
  • how to establish authentic connection and leadership
  • about the situation of animals in this world and how to make a difference.

Upcoming Horse Courses

Dates of the next Horse Course to be published soon. Please check the Event Calendar for updates.