Become an Advocate

By spreading the thoughts of the Healing Biotopes Plan, you can contribute to an emerging field for nonviolently living on Earth. By sharing our free resources and retailing our literature, you can connect people searching for a humane perspective with a realistic vision for a future worth living.

We invite all those who love the ideas of our project to become an advocate for the Healing Biotopes Plan! As humanity, we need a realistic vision for a nonviolent, regenerative world to achieve decent survival on Earth. The more people see this vision, carry it in their hearts, discuss it and work on it, the faster it will turn into reality. By spreading thoughts for a global system change you help build the field that will make it succeed.

How You Can Get Involved

Share Free Resources

These are essential texts you can print and spread, or share online:

Have a look at our article database too, which provides you with a wide array of our research work.

Please don’t hesitate in get touch with our Institute for Global Peacework if you have any questions:

Email address: igp (at)
Phone: +351 – 283 635 484
Post address: Tamera Healing Biotope, Monte do Cerro, 7630-392 Relíquias, Portugal

Retail Our Literature

We have a special offer for those who would like to retail our literature: on orders of 10+ copies of a single book, you will receive a 20% discount off the total price. Selling the books for their retail prices will allow you to make a little revenue yourself, which is our “thank you” to you for helping to spread the thoughts they contain! You can pass the books on to friends or the networks and gatherings you’re involved in. You can also use them as basic study material if you form a reading group.

If you’re interested, please contact us: info (at)