Terra Nova is the vision of a planetary culture of autonomous and interconnected communities: a post-patriarchal civilization free of violence and war.

“There is a latent human dream that wants to be rediscovered, more beautiful and primal than what we’ve dared to dream so far. A world without war, where all those who once stood against each other as enemies are reconciled – humans and nature, peoples and religions, men and women.”


What Path Do We as Humanity Choose?

We’re at a crossroad where there are two paths we can take. One leads us to global catastrophe – a dead end – and the other to an awakening of our loving and humane potential.

A New Planetary Community

Imagine: As capitalism collapses, a global system of self-sufficient communities evolves across the countryside and cities. Nation states gradually dissolve, replaced by this new planetary community that spreads around the Earth, aligned with the universal patterns of life.

How We Transform to Terra Nova

As the caterpillar carefully crafts its protective chrysalis to become a butterfly, we have a duty to create a suitable environment to nurture this great transition.

After 40 years of research, we see the following as vital elements:

Earth Stewardship

Caring for the Earth rather than dominating and exploiting her.

Restoring nature and reversing climate change by using methods of rainwater retention and permaculture.

Sacred Alliance of All Beings

Respecting the basic right of every living being, honoring the dignity and freedom of all.

Establishing a culture of deep ecology, and actively cooperating with all creatures without cruelty, even those we call “pests.”

Regenerative Autonomy

Aligning with nature’s cycles, and tapping into regenerative sources of energy.

Creating new reciprocal and gift economies and clean decentralized technologies, where water, energy and food, as basic rights, are abundant and freely available.

Healing Through Community

Creating new ways of living together that foster compassion and acceptance, focusing on the “communitarian self” rather than the individual alone.

Forming communities based on transparency, empathy and coherence, dissolving fear and struggles for power and attention.

Love and Sexuality

Addressing sexuality, intimacy and partnership as a core issue of collective healing.

Creating spaces of profound trust, transparency and solidarity that liberate love from fear, and honor sexuality as a sacred power of life.

Creative Sacred Power

Joyfully fulfilling our true nature as creators, rediscovering the mystery of the world.

Maintaining a spiritual practice that places the sacredness of life at its center.