Dog Sanctuary

Driven by the immense suffering of dogs we see in our region, we offer emergency aid and have created a 1-hectare dog sanctuary to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome our canine friends. As part of our research into consciously collaborating with animals, we work with these maltreated dogs, gaining their trust and encouraging their healing in a community environment – in a pack!


Dogs have been loyal companions for humans for centuries, with their trusting and loving temperaments. Traditionally dogs in our region have been used to herd and protect animals, but as the shepherd culture has largely vanished, dogs nowadays only serve as guardians at the gates of fenced meadows. This mostly means they’re tied up with short and heavy chains, often with no protection from the sun and rain, and little or no water and food. Many farmers don’t have the capacity or income to care for them, and they suffer isolation, fear and violence, as well as malnourishment and ill health.

Together with our children, we began supplying the chained dogs in our near surrounding with bare necessities – water, food and simple shelter – and created an Animal Rescue Team in 2002. We realized soon that with this form of help we’re part of the system we want to overcome – the farmers started relying on our assistance and no longer took care of the dogs themselves. So we knew we had to find a sustainable vision for helping, establishing deeper relationships with the farmers, and developing various strategies to lastingly improve the dogs’ situation.

After studying the work of Canopolis near Barcelona and other animal sanctuaries, in 2012 we built our dog enclosure where they have lots of space between trees, bushes and huts, to snoop around, run, play or simply be with other dogs. Every day we feed them, offer medicine if needed, and we provide the very important social contact and walks – all in a pack!

For most of them, it’s the first time they can move freely. Their healing includes learning social behaviors from the pack and so learning to be in community, and learning to trust humans.


We work in the region:

  • supplying chained dogs with food and medicine, and speaking with their owners about their situation
  • raising awareness in our region about the rights and needs of dogs
  • inviting school classes to share about the situation of animals and our work
  • offering farmers affordable neutering for their dogs
  • showing farmers alternatives to chaining their dogs like electric solar-powered gates.
  • Between 2012 and 2016, we’ve taken in over 55 dogs and been able to transfer most of them to a new home. Those who are with us form a very social and caring pack – gentle to all newcomers and helping them to find their way into a new life.
  • Being able to run freely, formerly chained dogs with underdeveloped leg muscles have a completely new healing experience.
  • Healing animals often means healing our own soul. We have witnessed how contact with these loving, playful and loyal animals helps children and also adults to find trust and open the heart. The dog is “man’s best friend” and this is a huge promise and healing possibility. To see a tormented animal recover from trauma helps people to heal their own trauma and gives confidence that healing is possible even in the worst of situations.

Want to Visit Tamera and Bring Your Dog?

Generally, we ask you to leave your pets at home. But if you plan to stay longer than a month and think your dog fits into the pack, you can request us with enough advance time (at least a month before you arrive) and we will see whether we can integrate him or her. They will have an exciting time together!

How You Can Help

We’re grateful for all those who want to alleviate the suffering of our dogs, and who donate money to help the project, and to those who’ve adopted from us so far.

Adopt a Dog

We have dogs that are looking for a new home and a new owner, and every dog that’s adopted makes space for another one in need.
To prepare them for their new home, we:

  • give basic treatment to every dog that arrives (if needed) – against parasites, neutering, vaccination, blood tests and treatment against Mediterranean dog diseases
  • train the dogs to walk on a leash and to follow simple commands – and help them get used to a loving environment.

As a new owner, you sign a protection contract with us, to make sure the dog won’t be traded or passed on to a third party. And we commit to take the dog back if you become unable to take care it.

Accompany a Dog

You can also help by accompanying dogs on the plane to their new owners in Germany or Switzerland. It’s a small action with great effect. We cooperate with “Casa Animales e.V.” on this, for more please download our information sheet.

Support & Updates

Please write us at dogs(at) if you want to support, receive more information or simply sign up for regular updates about our activities, like rescue or neutering actions or to celebrate the successful recovery of a new dog with us!