Political Ashram

Looking into the world and perceiving the suffering of so many beings, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by pain. Many people close themselves against this pain so that they don’t lose their ability to act. In the Political Ashram we learn to open our compassionate heart for the world while remaining active in it. It’s a spiritual training place dedicated to global peacework. As our internal education center, we use it for study times and spiritual exercise, to expand our consciousness and connect to the divine reality. The Political Ashram runs the spiritual and intellectual education for Tamera’s project and group leaders, and hosts special seminars for raising consciousness, art and healing.

“Constantly through thought you are creating your inner conditions and helping to create the conditions around you. So keep your thoughts on the positive side, think about the best that could happen, think about the good things you want to happen – think about God!”



Initiated and guided by Dieter Duhm, Tamera’s co-founder and visionary of the global Healing Biotopes Plan, the Political Ashram combines two fields that are usually kept apart – political and spiritual work. It’s a spiritual training center with a daring political goal – supporting and catalyzing global transformation. We’ve seen that we can only free this world from war when we fundamentally align ourselves and our culture with the sacred matrix of life.

A place of consciousness work and further training for the carriers and teachers of Tamera, the Political Ashram is dedicated to constantly nurturing and further developing the global vision for Healing Biotopes. Visioning is a spiritual pathway towards manifesting this new cultural impulse – both in Tamera and worldwide. For this, we take time out of daily tasks and projects, focusing on connecting ourselves with the universal ground in which all people and all beings are unified. This is the divine essence in all beings. This holds the key for healing – individually and globally.

Students of the Political Ashram learn how the spiritual powers of the sacred matrix influence the material world and how we’re therefore able to change the world working with those powers. Every day, we engage in this learning through:

  • continuous study of the intellectual foundations of the Healing Biotopes Plan and its “Political Theory”
  • cultivating thinking as a path to the sacred
  • practicing prayer as a way to consciously live in line with spiritual guidance
  • visualizing our aspired goals and understanding how vision brings about manifestation
  • training how to shift from the pattern of fear to the pattern of trust in any situation.

The Political Ashram also has week-long intensives on art, theory and dissolving our collective trauma.

Its research and education are foundational for the courses we offer for our guests and students. It also informs and is closely linked to:


  • To free this world from war and establish a nonviolent power stronger than all violence, we as peaceworkers need to develop intellectual and spiritual capacities much more profound than the ones we’ve used so far.
  • When community comes together with a common intellectual focus and decision to enter a sacred way of living, it generates an energy field in which many conflicts, difficulties and illnesses dissolve by themselves. Creating this field is indispensable in tackling the most delicate interpersonal issues in the healing of love and dissolving our primordial trauma.
  • There are spiritual ways of manifestation that follow a different logic than our usual, mechanistic ways. By creating a vision, we form the spiritual attractor for its appearance. Being able to see the vision of Terra Nova, a free Earth without war, is a condition for it to arise.
  • A functioning Healing Biotope needs a place dedicated to spiritual and intellectual work, and a core group doing this work, to build and deepen its vision, connecting to the sacredness of life.