A Plan for the Healing of Humankind and the Earth

The Healing Biotopes Plan

The “Healing Biotopes Plan” is a global strategy for peace which has been developed in theory and practice for over 30 years by Dr. Dieter Duhm, Sabine Lichtenfels, Charly Rainer Ehrenpreis and others, with the aim of bringing about a global process of healing on Earth for a future without war.

The plan is based on a clear vision. Dieter Duhm’s “Political Theory” describes this vision wherever already possible in scientific terms. This theory explains why and how only a few special centers worldwide, the so-called Healing Biotopes, can replace the existing informational field of fear and violence with a new, globally effective informational field of trust and cooperation.

How can these local centers have a global effect? The answer lies in the nature of holistic systems, whose functions and parameters are described in the Political Theory: “Crucial to the success of these local centers is not how big and strong they are (compared to the existing apparatus of violence), but how comprehensive and complex they are, how many elements of life combine and unite well in them. Evolutionary fields develop not according to the “survival of the fittest,” but the “success of the most comprehensive.” Otherwise, no new development could prevail, because all things have a “small and inconspicuous” start (Teilhard de Chardin).” (From Future Without War, by Dieter Duhm)

What is a Healing Biotope?

A Healing Biotope is a model of a future society. Just as a new prototype is first developed in a laboratory, the Healing Biotopes plan is based on building a model of a new society before it can be applied on a large scale.

In a future culture of peace, the global problems which lead today to war all over the world will be solved or in a process of solution. Healing Biotopes are therefore places where these solutions are prepared. The results must be generalizable and available to everyone who looks for them. Healing Biotopes are organized so that the various solutions can be linked to each other until the image of the overall solution becomes visible.

For clarity, we divide the overall solution into different aspects:

  • the material basis of life
  • the social basis of life
  • the mental-spiritual basis of life.

Humankind needs new responses in all three of these areas to be able to initiate a nonviolent future.

The Material Basis

The problem of the material basis of life is expressed in the global lack of water, food and energy and in their inequitable distribution. Desertification, famine and peak oil are just some aspects of this lack, which arise as a result of the fundamentally mistaken way in which the human being deals with earth, water and nature. The necessary correction consists of creating human-made systems compatible with the inexhaustible systems and energy sources of nature.

Specifically, the solution lies in the implementation of decentralized, regionally self-sufficient, water-rich and sustainable centers where up to several thousand people can live. With the help of Water Retention Landscapes, permaculture, peace gardens, and new energy technologies working according to the laws of life, in appropriate numbers these centers will be able within a few decades to supply all of humanity with sufficient food, energy and fresh drinking water. At the same time, they heal all of nature’s ecosystems and living beings. The contradiction between economic growth and the protection of nature is overcome.

The new energy technologies are no longer based on breaking resistances, but on following a “line of tension.” They connect the new centers with the everlasting energy sources of the sun and the universe. The fight for resources is over.

The Social Basis

The social basis of life in all societies has been destroyed. Human beings have lost the ability to live together in peace. Fear, alienation and mistrust lead to insoluble conflicts in all systems, from the smallest systems of marriage and family all the way to global crisis areas and wars. The latent readiness for violence can break out at any time and be used for wars and the cruellest clashes.

Healing Biotopes show how cooperation and trust can be permanently and structurally developed by creating new living environments. The change does not happen (only) through individual therapy or admonitions. It is the social being that determines consciousness. A new type of socialization is the higher level of order at which previously insoluble conflicts can be solved. The human beings in these new communities support and help each other and their fellow creatures not because they follow an external moral commandment, but because they have recognized that all that lives is part of the great family of life, to which they themselves also belong.

Central to building trust is the reconciliation of the sexes. There can be no peace on Earth as long as there is war in love. The patriarchal society dominated by men must be transformed into a form of life in which women and men reconnect with their sensual knowledge and apply it for a future culture of partnership between men and women.

The Mental-Spiritual Basis

The fight against the mental-spiritual basis of life proceeds today in such a subtle and encompassing way that it is hardly perceived. We only notice its consequences, such as religious wars, structures of domination and subordination, psychological deprivation and blocked anger reaching all the way to self-destruction. Humanity has lost its authentic religious and ethical anchor.

To return from this exile requires a new worldview and the study of a theory of primal trust that is able to open the human heart again. Autonomous, independently thinking human beings will evolve out of this learning process; people who no longer submit themselves to punishing authorities. Such people have developed a strong humane core and are therefore incorruptible. They make life itself their sacred authority and protect it, wherever they are. Healing Biotopes are spiritual training centers for this kind of human being, for Adam Kadmon, the Christ or Marian nature.

The State of Implementation

The Healing Biotopes Plan is mature and far developed both theoretically and in practice. In 1995, the first Healing Biotope was established – Tamera in Portugal. Today, about 170 co-workers, students, youth and children are living and working there. In the first years the work was strongly focused on building a resilient community. Over time, various projects have developed: the Water Retention Landscape, the Solar Village, the Animal Project, the Children’s Republic, the Youth Place, the Guest House, the Education Program, the Art Department, the Love School, the Political Ashram, and the Institute for Global Peacework. The Global Campus was established with cooperation partners in Israel-Palestine, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and India. An international network links Tamera with projects and individuals in Europe, North America, Russia, Australia, and most recently also in Kenya and Bolivia. This is how the first bases for further Healing Biotopes could arise.

In its core, the project is firmly established. Now it faces its next step toward a global dimension and for this it requires international support, donors and media specialists.

The Next Steps of Manifestation

First: a global informational field must be created. The idea of Healing Biotopes, the life perspective they represent, the basic thoughts and the partial solutions that have already been found and can be generalized, have to become known worldwide. Then this knowledge will be ineradicable. The Institute for Global Peacework works on this dissemination through the internet, media, publications and book distribution. We invite you to support this work through your financial and journalistic means. The Earth needs new information!

Second: By itself, the spread of the idea will result in the establishment of stations and so-called “model universities” around the world, which include the ecological and technological, as well as the intellectual and social know-how for the development of functioning communities. The Terra Nova School and the Global Campus support this process of planetary network-building through mental, spiritual, human and ecological education.

Third: Tamera will be the main educational center until the “model universities” can take on this task. Funding is needed to complete the already emerging self-sufficient life model, to expand the education facilities, to maintain the scholarship fund and to create sites for practical education.