Marisis is an emerging natural temple made up of power places across our landscape, where we can pray and experience the sacred in nature, the Earth as a loving being, and our sensual existence with her. The landscape includes our Stone Circle, a pilgrimage path connecting the power places, sculptures and monoliths, and the deep ecology research of Terra Deva. It’s a way to reconnect and cooperate with the energetic power cords and nature’s informational systems which guide life.

“When Marisis talks to us, she says, ‘I am the reawakened understanding that everything is interconnected and that nothing can exist in separation. In me, spirit reawakens in matter. I guard the dawn of a new peaceful culture of cooperation.’”


We’re developing a spiritual energy and information system to ground and amplify the transformative work taking place within the Healing Biotope.


Initiated and guided by the vision of Sabine Lichtenfels, we’re reconnecting with an ancient memory, the original wisdom of ancient Indigenous cultures – the wisdom of cooperation with all beings and of spiritual healing. We want to integrate it in a futuristic model for human society, rediscovering that the Earth is a sacred living being we can communicate and collaborate with, making this planet a paradise and experiencing the divine in this physical, sensual reality.

After millennia of patriarchal abuse of Eros, the body, the feminine and the Earth, celebrating the body as a temple of the divine is an act of cultural revolution. Prayer, worship, celebration, art and Eros become increasingly identical the more we approach this experience. Recognizing the sacredness of life itself, a mystery beyond any dogma or religion, we discover our responsibility to protect life wherever we are.

We learn to understand and practice universal communication with all beings – plants, animals, elements or weather processes, souls of ancestors and departed loved ones, spirit beings, cooperation partners in the world or important events and processes in other parts of the world.

Having emerged from a meditation of Sabine Lichtenfels, the term “Marisis” combines Mary and Isis, two names for the divine feminine – one from the Christian, the other from the Egyptian tradition.
The landscape temple includes:

  • The Stone Circle
  • power places like the Yin Place
  • monoliths
  • pilgrimage paths
  • water ways
  • sculptures.

Many original cultures had power places in which people could recharge their energies, contemplate and communicate with the sacred. Power places are places of peace and contact with natural forces. We’re using them for healing purposes, for meditation and ritual.

An important part of Marisis is Terra Deva, our research department for spiritual ecology where we practice interspecies communication, contact with plants, animals and all visible and invisible co-creatures on a 15 acre area.


A peace culture can’t come about by imposing our will on other beings, but emerges through genuine connection – by learning to perceive and listen to life and connect with the dream of the Earth. When we do, we’re no longer “alone,” – we ally with the powers of life operating through us as we dedicate ourselves to manifesting the Earth’s dream.

Beyond all cultural differences, there’s a prehistoric utopia of human culture living inside our hearts and souls, a primordial matrix for human existence in alliance with all beings on Earth, like the DNA of the tree in the seed, waiting to be heard. By healing our relationship with the Earth and rediscovering our original wisdom, we can connect with this transhistoric knowing and find a contemporary expression of it.

Through restoring our relation with nature, we see that human rights and the rights of the Earth are united. We develop an ethical awareness which orients itself toward the basic values of life.

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Join the “Ring of Power,” a weekly sunrise meditation for a growing spiritual-political network, which Sabine Lichtenfels accompanies and facilitates.