Eros and Nature

Lovers and gardeners of a new Earth – Terra Nova – are emerging where Eros and lasting love are given another chance. Earlier cultures had an intimate connection to nature and the Goddess, seeing the Earth as a sensual being to commune with. Eros is the mysterious energy at the heart of all creation, a sacred power that flows through our bodies, and guides us to magically reconnect with the unity of the entire world.

“Once you have found the great love toward the universal mother again, once you have found security in her universal body, which always welcomes your arrival, then you have found the home of every love. Then you have found your anchor again, which can carry all earthly love relationships on their earthly plane.”



Our rivers are straightened into channels and forced into cages with dams, and this mishandling of water, liquid life, is causing huge floods and devastation. As water should be able to find its natural course, so Eros must be able to move freely according to its nature. If it can’t, it dries up and is forced into the underground of our societies, erupting in violence, abuse, disease and depression.

There is an aspect of sexuality which in earlier cultures was characterized with an intimate connection to nature and the Goddess. Rituals were feasts where we gave back our sensuality as a thank you to Mother Earth.  The Earth is as physical as we are – by connecting with each other physically, we can heal cellularly. We can access it through the right kind of wakefulness, perception and presence for each other, and by becoming sensually present for this Earth.

The healing of love isn’t limited to erotic love – it also includes a new relationship to all of nature and its creatures. We must reintegrate our human world into the overall world of life to heal the pain of separation. Ultimately this means connecting with the divine center in all things. When we see the qualities of a being that belongs in its entirety to the sacred world, then there can be no hostility.

“Rooting” into the Earth allows us to bring our bodies into deeper union with life as our personal and the universal life force become one. This is something we practice in our Love School and our research in Terra Deva and Marisis. We recognize that the sacred we’ve been looking for in the heavens is here on Earth – in the connection with nature, encounters with other beings and in erotic love. When we rekindle this erotic energy, we come into the right relation with our own selves, each other and the Earth.


  • Eros is the life force of the sensual Earth and is more than a personal expression between two people. By opening up to Eros, we can experience our connectedness with life and its sacredness, as it is a universal, cosmic energy that connects us with all sensual and bodily existence. In that sense, Eros is a healing power whenever it can flow freely and in trust.
  • Immersing ourselves in nature and using art are ways we use to consciously open up to the magical reality of Eros. Art is key to communing with Eros, as it brings us closer to the motion and inherent principles of Eros, that works very differently to our functional mechanistic systems.
  • Our sexuality is anchored in the universal order of life. It is sacred to us, as sacred as life itself. A new erotic culture will arise from this, where war is unthinkable. Love is the power for the germination of a new culture of peace, based not on sacrifice but rather by affirming life’s abundance.
  • Reconnecting to the wildness around us helps us to reconnect with our wild nature, tapping into an erotic awareness that’s natural, spontaneous and real.