Children in the Community

Our children and youth can live together and build a community of their own in our Children’s Place, which we created in 2002, and in the different social groups of Tamera. Children love being in community, finding their natural joy living together with adults, other children, animals, plants and all life. They come to Earth with innate trust for life and their surroundings. Growing up into community allows them to maintain and further develop this state of life. As they experience themselves as part of a greater whole that they love, they choose to take responsibility for the community and the world, and become peaceworkers of the future.


Children come from a universal cosmic realm of consciousness into this world. Our task as adults is to help them stay in this realm as long as possible.

Allowing our children to freely express their vital and loving powers is an essential base for a culture of peace. For us, it’s a political decision to establish communitarian ways of co-existence, where there is no fear in love and we cooperate with all fellow beings. These social structures allow children to grow up in line with the principles of life.

A stable and healthy community provides children with the social basis of home and protects them from suffering from the conflicts and issues of their parents, as is inevitable in a nuclear family. Community allows parents to work out their issues without involving and affecting their children.

Our vision is to create a self-determined young people’s community within the bigger community of Tamera, in which they find and formulate their own spiritual orientation and rules of co-existence.

What We Do

  • The Children’s Place is the place of our nursery, kindergarten and school, where the children and youth have a safe space to play, explore life, learn and live together.
  • The freedom they have allows for community to emerge naturally among the children. There are many different ways for them to live together here, and children can choose to be with their family when they want to. When they experience full trust and intimacy with their parents, they can also be confident and happy to be in community.