Our goal is a world without war, governed by cooperation and trust among all beings. To get there, we share our vision of Terra Nova and the Healing Biotopes Plan with people worldwide, through our blog and Publishing House – Verlag Meiga. We build a planetary community of change makers, do peacework in crisis areas and create a regional and national network. We educate and collaborate with partners in various countries on building further Healing Biotopes through the Global Campus, and The Grace Foundation raises funds to help this network come into being.

“As long as there’s one single child starving, one single animal tortured, one girl circumcised, one woman raped, one person of another faith mistreated, one young human being forced to go to war, our world is in disorder. It’s our definite task to free this world from this atrocious pain. We could always say this is an illusion. But as soon as our eyes start to open, as soon as we see the suffering of the victims, as soon as we ourselves are one of these tortured beings, there is only one single cry – the cry for relief.”


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