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News Update

“Marcha pela Água”: Water march in Odemira

400 people rose up against agro-industry and for regeneration.


Martin Winiecki, 26 October 2021

News Update

Short Documentary: Resisting Abusive Agro-Industry in Portuguese Natural Park

Abusive agro-industry is rapidly destroying and contaminating a Portuguese natural park, while exploiting migrant workers under slave-like conditions.

Martin Winiecki, 11 June 2021

News Update

Tamera Joins the #HANDSFORHUMANITY Campaign

Tamera joins the #handsforhumanity campaign, raising awareness and funds for the globe’s 70.8 millions refugees.

Rui Braga, 21 May 2021


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Where Is the Way Out?

There can be no peace on Earth so long as there’s war in love.


Dr. Dieter Duhm, March 2022


Corona – Clarification and Correction

Rather than focusing on ideological dogmas or fighting, let’s build up life forces in ourselves and in others that we can use for a new society.

Dr. Dieter Duhm, February 2022


It's Not About Corona

When war ends in one part of the world, a completely different perspective of life will be revealed.


Dr. Dieter Duhm, May 2021