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News Update

“We stand in solidarity with Rojava, an example to the world”

Urgent statement on the Turkish invasion of north-east Syria released in The Guardian.

November 2 2019

News Update

“Defend the Sacred” Conference 2019: Watch Keynote Panels, Updates & Slides

More than 300 activists gathered for the “Defend the Sacred: Conference for Global Change-Makers” at Tamera.

Martin Winiecki, August 26 2019

News Update

"Fontes Vivas": A Celebration of Living Springs in the County of Odemira

Reviving an old Portuguese custom in our region of celebrating local water sources on midsummer’s day.

Barbara Kovats & Martin Winiecki, July 19 2019


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Global Grace Day 2019

Rojava’s social experiment signals the possible dawn of a new Earth.


Dieter Duhm, November 9 2019


Movement for a Free Earth

How can the worldwide movements for system change succeed?


Dieter Duhm, June 2019


Nonviolence: Attempt at an Answer

A nonviolent revolution requires nothing less than the transformation of the human psychological structure.

Dieter Duhm, 1981