Middle East – Ending a Desperate War

Dr. Dieter Duhm, November 2023



Translated from the German by Jan Bargen

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 Chapter 1. The fate of the Jewish people

The peoples fighting each other today all come from a very dark history of expulsion, war and persecution. They all carry this history within them as inherited memory. The Jewish people have been hit particularly hard. Since Egypt, Babylon and Rome, also throughout the crusades in the middle ages they have been persecuted and killed everywhere. The climax of this collective tragedy was the murder of millions of Jews in Nazi Germany, which was declared the raison d‘être of the „Aryan“ people after the “Night of Broken Glass” on November 9, 1938. What happened then in the concentration camps was so horrific that it defies our imagination.

Chapter 2 The Principle of Evil

When Germany became a democratic state after the Second World War, they wanted to make amends for past crimes by proclaiming absolute solidarity with the new Israeli state – joining the US and other western powers. So Israel could do what they wanted. They expelled native Arabs and destroyed their villages. They built forbidden settlements in Palestinian territory, and started to restrict and control the Palestinian society. Israel reacted disproportionally hard when facing resistance from the Palestinians, even if it was non-violent resistance. In the bloody clashes since 1948 12 times more Palestinians then Israelis have been murdered. Most of the victims were civilians. And jet Germany remained silent and continued to protect Israel – together with the other western powers. Anyone who raised their voice against Israels human rights violating actions was simply labelled an anti-Semite, forgetting that the surrounding peoples are also Semites. What the Israeli military has done in Gaza over the last 20 years was just as anti-Semitic as what has been done to the Jews.

On October 7 came Hamas’ most terrible revenge until now. No human being on earth could bear the atrocities that have been committed by Hamas terrorists. But we should also consider whether this revenge would have been so terrible if Germany and other countries would have limited the actions of the Israeli military in Gaza over the last 20 years. I do not harbour any hatred for Jews and do certainly not stand with the demonstrations supporting Hamas. I am just saying what many others have thought but not said because they were afraid of the consequences of this truth. On all sides this is the ahrimanic principle of evil in its purest form creating these terrible things, these atrocities that have deep roots in the fate of the peoples involved.

All those who experienced violence are almost always ready to pass this violence on to others.

Chapter 3 Rays of Hope

According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), around 3,500 children have been killed since the start of the Israeli invasion (as of 1.11.2023), and an average of 400 more children are injured or killed every day. What would we do if these were our children? Gaza is about to turn into one big children‘s graveyard. There is no way out for anyone involved. The United Nations does not know what to do. With every Israeli counter-attack many more civilians are killed than Hamas activists, and whether this way the 240 hostages can be freed alive is more than questionable. The main suffering lies with the civilian population. The people have too little water, food and fuel to heal their sick and survive the winter. The Israeli side is blocking the delivery of fuel, which all hospitals need, arguing that Hamas could use the fuel for their evil purposes.

One ray of hope is the new corridor to an Egyptian sickbay, which the Egyptians have set up for humanitarian reasons in order to save the most seriously injured Palestinians. This shows that a human heart still beats in the midst of the terror.

Another ray of hope was the courageous words of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who pointed out in succinct words that the Hamas murders had not taken place „in a vacuum“.

More and more movements have the courage to speak out about the truth. It is to be expected that large demonstrations against the Israeli war in Gaza will soon take place in Germany too. I don‘t mean hate demonstrations, I mean humanitarian demonstrations by people who take to the streets for ethical reasons. The bombed refugee camps and the now almost 4000 dead children can no longer be justified by the fact that Israel has to defend its country. Those children did not do anything to them. As long as violence is answered with counter-violence it will continue to get worse. We must find other ways before the whole region is on fire. We need very courageous groups from Israel and other countries to do everything they can to stop the atrocities. I still believe that then new humane forces can emerge that develop new strategies for peace.

Chapter 4 The World-Light

War is a global problem. By political means we can pacify a war temporarily, but not resolve it for good. If we want to prevent wars forever, we need a concept that is based on a different level of thinking.

How is it that after thousand years of war, birds are still chirping, children are still playing and lovers are still in seventh heaven? Something intact in life seems to have survived through all the torments and dead ends of history. We are living in the presence of a global massacre of people, animals and nature, but we are obviously also living in the presence of a completely different, intact world. Behind or above all misery, all atrocities and wars, there is another reality.

This is the matrix of life itself. It is present in the blossoming of a tree, in the scent of a flower, in the chirping of a bird, in the wallowing of a pig, and in the blowing of the wind. It is present in the depths of the oceans, in the folds of the mountains, in the river valleys, and on the mountaintops of eternal silence. It sometimes peers out, pure and clear, through the eyes of a baby. Sometimes – in the most beautiful moments of love – it reaches our heart. It is then that we are transformed for a brief eternity and we know the goal of our journey.

I call this matrix the „sacred“ matrix. But it doesn‘t matter what we call it. It exists. We humans have a fine sense for it. There are special sounds in the winds of the soul that touch us when we revisit the places of our childhood, when we sit at the shore of a lake that is as smooth as glass, when we watch the swells of the ocean as the sun is setting, or when we see the dewdrops sparkling in the morning. What touches us is not just a dream or a longing, but it is a (latent) reality. We would not have this longing, would not feel this siren sound in our souls, would not experience this irrefutable feeling of a deep memory if this possibility of life did not exist.

The Sacred Matrix is the original, trans-historical, non-alienated, cosmic, and divine matrix of universal life. We can never leave it entirely, for we are born of it. We have gone through eons with it, and again and again we have seen it light up at the roadside and the fences of our territory. The Sacred Matrix always assembles itself by itself, as soon as our consciousness resonates with the universal frequency. There is no stealing and no conquering, no unfulfilled hunger, and no consuming needs, for we live on a planet of abundance. There is no humiliation and no cruelty, for we are all beings of the same Spirit and the same life. There are opposites, but no contradictions; there are conflicts, but no wars, there may at times be harshness, but not cruelty. There is no religious disguising or glorification of the evil, because the evil does no longer exist.

In the light of this matrix, I see basic love between human beings and their togetherness with all fellow creatures. I see this world without enmity and war. It is unambiguous and clear. This vision is not a fantasy, but a real possibility of life. All people, even the worst, carry an ethical imprint of the Sacred Matrix within them. All could therefore live together in absolute peace if their soul cellars were not filled with the traumatic events of war history over the last five thousand years. We all carry this trauma within us as a result of the history of war. This is the underground from which the small and then also the big wars are created anew every day.

That is why peace in the Middle East, like peace in general, is above all a task of healing. We have to find out what makes the power of life and love stronger than the trauma. I believe that there are already some groups on earth who have taken on this task.

Chapter 5 Liberation from the hypnosis of war

Imagine there would be a meeting of people with different backgrounds, religions, cultures and political views, people who know this, maybe even people from Hamas. They meet for a common peace action, maybe in Jerusalem. I know how naïve that sounds, and yet I can not rule out such a possibilities. They stem from a deep soul base of the divine world. Following the spiritual experiences in my life, I can also not rule out the possibility that Hamas will make a humanitarian gesture that changes the situation. I also see groups of Israelis and Palestinians meeting in mutual friendship building new peace centers. They are being supported by many groups around the world who are dedicating their lives to end these senseless wars everywhere. Slowly but surely, more and more humane centers will emerge in all continents of the earth, whose order of life is in accordance with the principles of the Sacred Matrix. This will create a new code for life on earth, which will be the same in all countries. The new information will be transmitted to all people and all groups who have decided to live a new life. Science refers to this as „genetic resonance“.

Imagine further that the former enemies meet in real friendship. I have experienced several times how supposed enemies have turned into friends when I met them without fear and defence. The same principle applies in love and in every war. Real peace can never be established through weapons, but only through the solidarity and cooperation of awakened people who have seen the light: Actually they are not really enemies. They only encounter each other as enemies because they carry their traumatic pasts within them and because they have not yet been given the opportunity to free themselves from this mental grip. If they were liberated, they would sing songs together, speak prayers together and work together to build new centers of peace. They would build this new world of light so that enmity could no longer arise. People who have just wanted to kill each other would now live together in peace and solidarity, perhaps even in deep human love. This is much more than a naïve pipe dream. There is a power in human nature that makes such transformations possible. Above everything there is still a power that is higher than all violence. We can call it the „Christ Power“ or simply „God“.

When I speak of God, I do neither mean the punishing monster of the old times nor a power that stands above all things, I mean the power that created everyone of us and is active in all beings. God is not external to human beings, but is as much a part of human nature as love and connection with all fellow creatures.

Chapter 6 Counteraction

What I have just said about the Middle East war also applies to the war in Ukraine. Here, too, people are meeting as enemies who could just as easily be friends. To put an end to this madness, we need radical counteraction. Condemnation and taking sides no longer makes any sense. Also the terrorists of Hamas were once children who loved their mothers. We can steer the whole ship in a humane direction when people have the courage to stand up to the public propaganda of governments & the media and build a new life order based on truth and solidarity.

We steer the whole ship in a humane direction when people unite in the name of the Sacred Matrix and its ethics and thereby enter new inner information into the global biocomputer. A few determined peace groups would be enough to bring the human world into the resonance field of the Sacred Matrix. We can only change hell if we know heaven. Heaven is part of our spiritual and genetic makeup. Of course it can be realized by people – if they are able to overcome their own trauma and switch their soul life to the higher world. For this we need spaces of spiritual thought in which people are willing and able to make such a switch. These spaces we call „healing biotopes“. When such spaces truly exist the participants will experience the miracle of living without traumatic past. They no longer need their underlying enmities, rivalries and power struggles, which have caused almost all communities to fail. They live in full trust with each other and in this way open themselves up to the influx of divine forces. Now they can do things they would never have thought of, because they are under the umbrella of a power that is higher than any enmity. Now they begin to understand how and why every war on earth can be ended.

Chapter 7 The Principal Disease of our Times

All wars are rooted in wrecked human relationships – I also mean broken relationships between people who once loved each other. We have coined the phrase: „There can be no peace in the world as long as there is war in love.“ This refers to sexual love and every other love. The principal disease of our time is the disaster in love. When love turns into hatred, one needs a culprit against whom hatred can be unleashed without restraint. Often this is the unconscious background to war and other acts of violence. Private relationship wars, like public wars, come from a psychological underground which is stored in the soul cellars of humanity, a collective hereditary memory, the result of several thousand years of war history. Our higher ethical and spiritual powers are often ruined and devoured in the process. Today, humanity as a whole is in a deep crisis that can no longer be resolved by conventional means.

And yet we are experiencing a time of transformation that especially activates the light forces in many people. Together with these forces, we say “No!”. “No!” to the public propaganda of lies and to all ideological distractions, “No!” to weapons and the arms industry, “No!” to all violence against humans and animals, “No!” to factory farming and slaughterhouses, “No!” to the destruction of nature in the name of profit and much acclaimed international „competitiveness“.

Chapter 8 New Ways of Realizing Our Peace Goals

From what has been said so far, there are two consequences for a new political approach that has the power of realization.

We can only overcome the existing global war system if we develop a more complex, more powerful peace system and realize it as far as possible in initial model projects.We are working on autonomous regions that free themselves from the grip of the existing superpowers and reintegrate themselves into the orgonotic system of all life. The divine world provides us with the things we need to live – free of charge – if we follow the laws of nature and not those of money and profit. It also provides us with the mental-spiritual powers we need to find a better solution than permanent murder. – Building such new systems is a fundamental solution for liberating mankind and Earth from all fear and violence, but it takes time and is not a direct response to the current war in Gaza or Ukraine.

Can we still do something to bring about an immediate ceasefire – in Gaza, Ukraine and other war zones? This, too, can be answered from what has been said so far. Yes, it is possible, but we cannot do it on our own. Special conditions are required that enable us to resonate with the metaphysical forces of the universe. Today, it is probably no longer individual people who can „download“ the information and images for possible actions from the information pool of the universe, but groups of people who build up a coherent energy among themselves. To do this, they must be able to see through personal conditioning and put it aside.

We understand the human horror, the despair and the impotent hatred that was triggered in Israel through the massacre on October 7. We understand why the many Israeli demonstrators, who had previously taken to the streets against Netanyahu‘s government policy, came together under these new circumstances and demanded revenge. And yet there is one big request: do not let your emotions get the better of you, because that will only make things worse. Help that this time hatred and revenge do not take on a life of their own forever! We are entering a new time and a new reality that is no longer governed by the rules of hatred, but by the rules of our divine origin that lies beyond all religions and parties.

In remembrance of our brothers and sisters who have lost their loved ones and now have to live in cruel conditions, we want to do everything we can – while we still live in freedom. With determination to overcome all kinds of violence, injustice and lies, we invest our energy and our money in the quest for a new humane culture. On behalf of all those who are forced to live in inhumane conditions, we call on our many friends in Israel and around the world to use all their human and spiritual power, their finance and their media power to end the pain. We will do everything possible, everything the divine world offers us, this world we all came from, deeply convinced that there is a non-violent way.


Shalom and Salaam!