Stone Circle

Located on a hill at the heart of our land, our Stone Circle is a natural cathedral and central ceremonial place. Based on 96 archetypes for a universal peace community, this artwork and “power place” is part of our Marisis Landscape temple. We gather here for prayer, ritual and spiritual connection with the sacred alliance of life and people around the world in our weekly Ring of Power meditation.


In the 1990s, Sabine Lichtenfels traveled through Portugal and visited the Almendres Stone Circle, near Évora, a 7000-year-old megalithic monument. She sensed it was built by a tribal culture living in this land in ancient times, and that each of the stones represented one archetype of a harmonious tribal culture.

In the years that followed, Sabine decoded the Stone Circle of Almendres as a “living library” – a treasure of knowledge of a deeply peaceful, archaic high culture of the Stone Age that possessed profound spiritual and erotic consciousness. She realized this Stone Circle wasn’t only a remarkable document of a prehistoric culture. It hosts a timeless suprahistorical matrix for a nonviolent way of human life, or as Sabine named it – the “prehistoric utopia.” This utopia lies within our hearts and is a form of deeper knowing, like the information of the tree in the seed, waiting to flourish.

She shares about her experience and discovery in the book, “Traumsteine. Reise in das Zeitalter der sinnlichen Erfüllung” [“Dream Stones: Journey into the Age of Sensual Fulfillment”] – available in German and Portuguese), in which she says:

“I sat down in the middle of the circle on a large flat stone and closed my eyes. I repeatedly heard the sentence ‘Remember your past, long before the beginnings of Christianity.’ I immediately had the feeling of having arrived home, and a huge tension fell from me. ‘You will find a lot of information here that you need to find the right place to build your project. You will come here often.’ I became increasingly curious.”

After deeper inquiries into the wisdom of pre-patriarchal peace cultures in Malta and other historical sites, she was inspired to build a modern Stone Circle in Tamera: a communitarian work of art. Its 96 stones stand for 96 archetypes of a universal peace community of our times, connected with original wisdom. It signifies the complementary relationship of community instead of exclusion, cooperation instead of fight.

Cooperating with Marco Pogačnik, Earth healer, and Peter Frank, his long-term student, who applied their geomantic knowledge to help initiate a new Stone Circle, the “Icon of the Future” started to take shape. The first stone was set on October 12th 2004 on the top of a gently sloping hill at the center of Tamera. Now the Stone Circle is complete, with 96 stones, some chiseled with universal images representing the archetypal powers of a community of the future. These images have been developed over the years through intuition and creativity by members of the community and visitors who feel connected with the archetypes.

The Stone Circle shows us that a culture of peace isn’t a pyramid of power, but a circle around an empty center. Peace emerges from the right balance between different beings and archetypes – it can never be achieved by excluding or fighting against any aspect of life. Only when all archetypes are included, only when they find their right position in the community of life, unfolding their energies trustfully, synergistically and creatively, can there be peace.


  • Like all Indigenous cultures, we have a power place where people can recharge their energies, and contemplate and communicate with the divine.
  • It’s the spiritual heart of our community, where we gather for rituals that connect us to the cycles of the Earth, the cosmos and passages in our lives.
  • The community gathers in the Stone Circle every Monday morning at dawn for the “Ring of Power,” where political thoughts of healing are sent into the world.
  • The Stone Circle, in its simplicity and completeness, hosts all kinds of different religions and directions of thought, making dogma and exclusion superfluous.
  • Visitors have hosted ceremonies here, like Padre Javier Giraldo from Colombia who held a Christian service inspired by liberation theology, Tibetan lamas from Dharamsala, India, or the American peace activist Starhawk who led a pagan ritual with dance and singing.

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Sabine Lichtenfels presents the teacher archetype in Tamera’s stone circle

(January 15 2018).