Children & Youth

The destiny of children determines the destiny of our world. For decades, we’ve worked on new communitarian ways for them to grow up in trust. Our children live together as groups in family units embedded within the larger community. Sometimes they like to self-organize and create bigger community groups to live together for certain times. We support them to develop into fearless, autonomously thinking people who will co-create this world responsibly. We focus on strengthening their self-acceptance and community spirit, their natural curiosity, their solidarity and empathy for all that lives. We’re currently setting up and getting the “Escola da Esperança” accredited as an international school for the children of Tamera, our region and our global network.

“All children are children of creation. Hear the language of your children and sense their dream, that will awaken your dream too. Don’t try to realize your own unlived longings through your children. Realize it yourself.”


What We’ve Learned

  • Children come into this world with an open heart, ready to trust and love, with boundless curiosity and compassion for all beings. It’s our responsibility as adults to make sure they nurture these natural qualities throughout their entire lives. If they do, we’ll see a different world arise, inhabited by humane beings.
  • The destiny of our children determines the destiny of our world. Our children’s destiny is defined by whether their parents are able to create solidarity, community and stable love connections. So it’s important that parents have stable social vessels where they can work on inner processes, like in Parents’ School and Love School.
  • For children to grow up in freedom and trust, without fixation and fear, parents and children need embedment in a community of trust with stable structures, various reliable relationships, a clear sense of home and positive authority to orient themselves by.
  • Parents don’t possess children. Children are cosmic beings who come to us with their own dream of life. Our task is to accompany and support them to walk their path in life. When we dare to follow and realize our longings as parents, we give them the chance to do the same.
  • Learning and creativity are natural processes that occur by themselves when they’re not disturbed. Children learn with great joy and competence according to their own pace and intrinsic motivation when there is trust and mutual respect, and freedom to ask their questions and find authentic answers.
  • A new world needs new schools, holistic learning centers that prepare the next generations for the future instead of binding them to the past. Offering open, creative learning spaces, conveying relevant social, spiritual and ecological knowledge, awakening global consciousness and supporting our children and youth to become responsible co-creators of this world.


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