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First Global Love School in Tamera

May 2013

"There will only be peace in earth when the war in love has ended."


Ten intensive days lay behind us—ten days of the Global Love School in Tamera. The eighty people who took part are leaders and founders of different projects around the world. As holders of knowledge and as peaceworkers, they travel to the crisis areas of the earth. “There are no crisis areas; all of humanity is in crisis,” was one provocative statement made by a participant. How many love relationships are in hidden or open crisis! A central theme in the course was to to develop truth, trust, and a resilient ethical system in this part of life. Thanks to the interaction of the Tamera community, the participants, and the leadership of Sabine Lichtenfels; a space of deep trust was created. The political aspect of the subject became visible: We need new social conditions, if we want truth in love, and if we wish to bring an end to psychic suffering in love.

In addition to lectures and colloquia with themes like, “Compassion and Eros,” “Partnership and Free Love,” “Building the Community of Communities,” we also used the time to deepen the planetary vision.

The Global Love School is a beginning. A core group will meet every year for three years, in order to create a durable foundation, a core of truth and trust for the planetary community of communities, which are working for transformation in many regions of the earth.

Here we send greetings to all those who are part of the global community—those who could participate in the Global Love School; and all those others that have accompanied us from outside, on a geistig level. Let us work together so that the paradise, which we were able to perceive here so intensely for ten days, can arise for all beings around the world.


Once again, here is the link to the study pamphlet, “Healing in Love.”