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1968: A Missed Chance for Socialism

Radical critique of capitalism requires a comprehensive alternative. What are the structures of post-capitalist society?

Dieter Duhm, April 2018


Nonviolence: Attempt at an Answer

A nonviolent revolution requires nothing less than the transformation of the human psychological structure.

Dieter Duhm, 1981


International Women's Day: I Love Being a Woman!

This Int’l Women’s Day, we invite the women in our network and around the world to stand in solidarity and say #ILoveBeingAWoman!

Dara Silverman, March 5 2018


Trump: A Catalyst for the Peace Movement?

It’s as if someone has come to call out to all of us: show me a truly convincing alternative!

Dieter Duhm, December 6 2017


Environmental and Inner Crisis: Two Sides of the Same Coin

A call to peaceworkers around the world to restore nature and create a nonviolent culture.

Sabine Lichtenfels, November 9 2017


Ending Sexual Violence Requires a New Culture

A response to the #MeToo campaign: it’s time for a global movement for the healing of love

Dara Silverman, October 27 2017


Open Letter to All Peaceworkers

75th birthday message from co-founder Dieter Duhm

Dieter Duhm, October 15 2017