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The Terrible Legacy of Mankind

How trauma prompts people to commit the atrocities we’ve seen throughout history and that are happening right now in Gaza. How can we end this vicious cycle?

Dieter Duhm, March 31 2024


Israel-Palestine: What Could Be a Nonviolent Path Forward for Ending Oppression?

What if a “peace process” wasn’t another futile attempt at finding compromise between two corrupt political systems but rather a bottom-up process working with the needs of everyone involved?

Martin Winiecki, January 22 2024


Middle East
Ending a Desperate War

I have experienced several times how supposed enemies have turned into friends when I met them without fear and defense.

Dr. Dieter Duhm, November 2023


Agent Alpha speaks Words to Humanity

For a Future without War

Dieter Duhm, October 2022


Where Is the Way Out?

There can be no peace on Earth so long as there’s war in love.


Dr. Dieter Duhm, March 2022


Corona – Clarification and Correction

Rather than focusing on ideological dogmas or fighting, let’s build up life forces in ourselves and in others that we can use for a new society.

Dr. Dieter Duhm, February 2022


It's Not About Corona

When war ends in one part of the world, a completely different perspective of life will be revealed.

Dr. Dieter Duhm, May 2021


The Corona Crisis: A Moment of Decision

The Covid-19 crisis is merely the symptom of a deeper dilemma – and calls for radical systemic change.

The Tamera Community, January 27 2021


Learning From Corona

Coronavirus is showing us that humanity is capable of fundamentally & immediately changing its collective behavior

Leila Dregger, 16 March 2020


Global Grace Day 2019

Rojava’s social experiment signals the possible dawn of a new Earth.


Dieter Duhm, November 9 2019


Movement for a Free Earth

How can the worldwide movements for system change succeed?


Dieter Duhm, June 2019


1968: A Missed Chance for Socialism

Radical critique of capitalism requires a comprehensive alternative. What are the structures of post-capitalist society?

Dieter Duhm, April 2018


Nonviolence: Attempt at an Answer

A nonviolent revolution requires nothing less than the transformation of the human psychological structure.

Dieter Duhm, 1981


International Women's Day: I Love Being a Woman!

This Int’l Women’s Day, we invite the women in our network and around the world to stand in solidarity and say #ILoveBeingAWoman!

Dara Silverman, March 5 2018


Trump: A Catalyst for the Peace Movement?

It’s as if someone has come to call out to all of us: show me a truly convincing alternative!

Dieter Duhm, December 6 2017


Environmental and Inner Crisis: Two Sides of the Same Coin

A call to peaceworkers around the world to restore nature and create a nonviolent culture.

Sabine Lichtenfels, November 9 2017


Ending Sexual Violence Requires a New Culture

A response to the #MeToo campaign: it’s time for a global movement for the healing of love

Dara Silverman, October 27 2017


Open Letter to All Peaceworkers

75th birthday message from co-founder Dieter Duhm

Dieter Duhm, October 15 2017