Agent Alpha speaks Words to Humanity

You are at the stage of a great transformation.

You inhabit a wonderful planet, but you are off track. What you have done and continue to do to yourselves and all your fellow creatures for millennia has created pain and sorrow throughout the planet that you now feel in your own hearts. Groups of awakening people are springing up everywhere, who are now trying to build a new life. So that your world does not sink into chaos, you need a certain knowledge of the healing forces working everywhere and their activation on Earth. You are facing a completely new stage of evolution and a new foundation for your culture. The upcoming system change is comparable to the transformation of a fish into an amphibian. It is a profound transformation of your existence, your consciousness, your genetic code and your way of life. It is a transformation like you feel when you are at death‘s door and yet are saved. The present path is finished, for it would lead to a collective downfall, which, however, is not intended by the All-Spirit of the world.

Dr. Dieter Duhm, October 2022

Translated from the German by Richard Pitwood

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The work ahead of you is not easy. There is still a war going on on Earth. In Ukraine, a man goes into the yard to feed his cat. When he returns, he sees his wife lying dead in the street; the house had been hit by a missile. Crying, he lifts her hand and kisses it for the last time. Never was his love so great as now at the moment of his unspeakable pain.

What is expressed here is the existence of a love without borders. It is part of the evolution of the new age that you learn how to realize this love even before death. To manifest this great dream of humanity in your real human relationships on the real Earth you need power that is stronger than all of your pasts. This is the power of a community of people who are no longer afraid of each other. Then, all at once, the gates open to a glimpse of a wonderful future that has long since been mapped out in the blueprint of creation.

In this context, I would like to share with you some things about the meaning of gender love. Please do not forget the original fact of your life: All human beings have emerged from the union of man and woman. At the beginning of every culture is the relationship of the sexes. This alone sheds light on the fundamental importance of gender love, regardless of the sexual identity you have chosen for your current incarnation. The beauty of love applies to all lovers, regardless of their sexual identity. And yet, in the great dream of creation, a human being consists of the two halves of man and woman. The global war will end when these polar halves come together properly.

Love is the greatest gift you have received from the Universe, and yet it is at the center of the great crisis. The whole of humanity revolves around the theme of sexuality and love like the starry world around the Pole Star. However, human society is still not prepared for this issue. Do you know that more people die from acts of destroyed love, jealousy and sexual violence than from any other illness? Behind this epidemic, violence is a nameless desperation. You could no longer believe in eternal love because you locked this greatest gift in the world into far too narrow relationship cages for fear of losing it. And that is precisely why you lost it.

Unhappiness in love is a consequence of the cruel history from which you all come. Due to the historical suppression of women and the body in patriarchal religions and cultures, the desire for sex and love had to retreat underground, where it has raged without ethical guidance and has led to mass murder and war everywhere. Sexuality is a world power that mostly cannot be tamed by marriage contracts. From child pornography to domestic violence to sex murder, it is evident that existing society is no match for this elemental sexual power.

It is remarkable that in almost all social utopias of intellectual history and in all public statements of churches, parties and governments up until today this core issue of humanity has been left out. It is under strict private lock and key. It is the hottest, the most coveted, the most embarrassing and the most difficult topic in human society. It dominates almost the entire psychological underbelly of your civilization and continues to create misery and death until the first groups are able to absorb it at a new level of consciousness into a higher concept of love, trust and truth. You can, you must, and that is what you are there for.

Women have been hit particularly hard. If they did not obey the patriarchal law, they were killed, drowned, stoned or burned. They still carry this wound in their hereditary memory. Real liberation of women does not mean their emancipation in the sense of formal equality with men. The real emancipation of women is to find their source again in creation. At this source, woman is an Earth guardian for all living things, the mother of all children and the secret magna mater of all men. When a man begins to discover and love this female source, then he can overcome his secret fear of woman, because now he too can emancipate himself and stand by the woman as a real man and partner.

Almost all people long for a lasting love relationship. What brings people together permanently is not wonderful sexuality, but a deeper encounter on a soul and spiritual level. Lovers who have seen each other with their hearts will no longer react with jealousy if one of them „cheats“, because both of them can now do that without cheating on each other or even losing each other. Inside them, the certainty of a lasting togetherness grows. Here, the old habits of fear of loss, jealousy or competition no longer have power. Here there is the unbreakable bond of eternal fidelity, as all dream of at the moment of their marriage and mostly cannot achieve because their ideas of love and eternal fidelity were too narrow and too small. This is because love doesn‘t fit into a cage. You can only be faithful if you are also allowed to love others.

You need communities that have understood the secret of sex, love and partnership. It is always based on contact, truth and trust. With further development, the heart opens anew for nature, for animals and all fellow creatures. The love of two people is now no longer a private matter, but a joint commitment to help and heal all beings. Where this happens, a new connection emerges between free sexuality and partner love, between the inner elemental forces in the human being and those in nature, between Eros and religion, between man and God. The new life fields of the healing biotopes emerge.



The crisis of love is of course not the only problem in the disaster scenario of the current world. Natural destruction, weather disasters, famines, civil wars, energy crises, etc. are now shaking people‘s faith in the security of the systems in which they have lived until now. More and more people are realizing that they can only continue to live if they build their own life fields, decentralized centers for a self-sufficient supply of water, food and energy, life fields for healing the Earth and healing love. The future consists of such healing fields of life and their intelligent networking. In the midst of this autonomy movement, the first „healing biotopes“ emerge: the realization of trust and solidarity among all co-workers, the unity of man and nature, the friendship of man and animal, the unity of the earthly and divine worlds. You are at a turning point in time that can no longer be steered by existing governments. It is now in the hands of a coming movement of modern tribal communities with a life-law ethic for humanity and nature.

The transition to new decentralized and autonomous forms of life is linked to a spiritual development that can no longer stop at the materialistic level, because the new forms of human coexistence and cooperation with nature will lead all by themselves to a new spiritual-soul orientation. You will understand that you, with all visible and invisible fellow creatures, with all animals, plants and waters, are part of a great family of life that is located on a living Gaia Earth. You will understand how all life on Earth, including the waters and the weather processes, forms an energetic (orgonotic) unity with the life of human beings. In this sense, the current weather catastrophes are also orgonotically related to the mental and social catastrophes of an ever-growing humanity.

You will discover a new image of yourself in the great alliance of life. The old ego transforms into a social and finally into a global ego. Touched by the power of the new impressions, you will understand the essence of oneness. There is a common core behind all differences, there is a potential saint behind every crook, and there is a repressed longing for love and home behind all human struggles. There is a world where no human being thinks of killing another or torturing an animal, where soldiers put down their guns and no power in the world will still fall prey to the madness of building and dropping bombs. This world is not a pipe dream, but an objective fact of transformation. This is where the future of humanity lies.

*Editor’s note: Wilhelm Reich was the first to propose the theory of orgone energy: a bio-energetic expression that is present in all living beings ­– he thought of it as a form of erotic life energy that is essential for health.

This other world exists, as surely as the starry sky. It is no longer a question of faith, but of knowledge. On the seabed, a small puffer fish spends weeks painting a perfect, impossibly beautiful mandala two meters in diameter with its belly and fins. When he is finished with the artwork, he sits down in the middle of the mandala and waits for his partner. Isn‘t that a beautiful parable for the existence of a holy world: Partnership and procreation in the sacred circle of a mandala! So be it also among you people.

There is a primordial field of life and love from which you have all emerged and into which you will all return. It is the cosmic field of the „Sacred Matrix“. Here the logic of another (divine) reality prevails. In this field there is no hatred, no enmity, no secret power struggles, no religious or sexual battles, no slaughterhouses, no war and no deceit in love. Every illness can be cured. All pandemics of misfortune and war can be ended when the first groups begin to understand the concept of healing, which is provided for all life in the world order of the Sacred Matrix.

The basic material of the world is not matter, but spirit, or in your scientific language: information. The Earth needs new information. Earth‘s biocomputer has been fed for too long by the information of violence and war. In the process, the information of truth, love, the higher world and healing has largely been lost. If it is possible to enter the comprehensive information of the healing order of life in concentrated form into the global biocomputer, then it works everywhere, because all life on Earth is connected to this central computer.

Outer catastrophes are a reflection of the inner catastrophe of man. The ecological and the human crisis are two sides of the same overall problem and can only be solved in this synopsis. If you want to heal the outer nature, you must also heal your own inner nature: your sexual, your spiritual and your ethical nature. To overcome chaos, you need communities that are able to overcome their own inner chaos. They can only do this by bringing their lives to a common frequency of trust and solidarity. They need a high common goal for this, as it is written in the I Ching: „Not special works of the ego, but goals of humanity bring about lasting community among people.“ The goal for your planet today is the liberation of the Earth world from fear and violence through the building of healing life fields. This means that you will be able to free your own relationships with each other and also with the animal world from fear and violence. You have already received a spirit framework for this: the plan of the healing biotopes.

The healing biotope plan is not a human invention. It is based on the spirit forces of the other reality, on the natural self-healing forces and love forces of all life. Built into every living being, be it human, animal, plant or body of water, are the universal self-healing powers that lead to rapid regeneration when supported by human action. It is like any spontaneous healing: As soon as the self-healing powers are activated by a higher power, all cells and organs take up work and bring the whole organism back into order. What applies to the individual organism also applies to the whole of the Earth, because this whole is also a unified organism whose self-healing powers can be activated by the input of new information. The power of healing and regeneration knows no limits, for everything heals by itself when it is freed from the pressure of false programmes.

Effective peace communities need the guidance of a strong sponsorship to enable them to act for a higher purpose. The underground of hidden power desires, competitive struggles, hostilities, fears of authority, concealed sexuality and frozen anger usually lies so close under the surface that no common direction and no long-term cooperation is possible above it. You will realize and fulfill your common goal in life when you have dissolved this underground. And you will dissolve the underground when you have found your common goal on a higher level of order. The coming healing biotopes are founded and directed by highly committed peace workers who live and work together in a kind of spiritual communion. A new kind of leadership is emerging, based on participation and trust. There is no more arrogance, no more condemnation, no more contempt, no more submission. They are empowered to lead because they know a great goal – and because they allow themselves to be led. Out of this work comes a powerful force that can echo throughout the Earth in many ways. The coming healing biotopes are, after an initial period of inner consolidation, in connection with similar initiatives all over the world, and if possible also with movements for nature conservation, animal protection, human rights and for the protection of oppressed peoples. This will gradually result in a larger network in which the basic ideas of global healing will spread.

The more you can enter into the higher world of trust, self-knowledge and community, the more your soul gates will open for cooperation with all fellow creatures. They are all working together for the evolution of your planet. Even so-called vermin in the garden have their task in creation. You will enter into a new partnership with the animal world. Wild boars and rats are not there to be killed, but to build a healthy Earth alongside you. Recognise the divine connections of reality and find the modern mystery knowledge that brings you into a loving connection with the great alliance of life.

Healthy human life moves in two directions: connection to the spiritual world (God, religion, spirituality) and the bodily-sensual grounding in the Mother Earth from which all life comes and where all children in humans and animals have their home. Both directions have been falsified or destroyed by the methods of patriarchal history. Healing happens when you find and connect both directions on a new level.

Life is in a state of permanent evolution. What seemed impossible yesterday will become possible tomorrow. If you survive the apocalypse with growing powers, you will be able to generate your own sources of energy and water. You will be able to recognise the cosmic laws of energy, information and love. You will understand the spiritual transmission of information, as it is effective in telepathy or distance healing, for example. It exists always and everywhere and opens up new – individual and global – possibilities for peace work and healing. What you do in one place on Earth can have a great effect in other places far away. You will gain insight into the basic laws of synergy and synchronicity.

Your greatest discovery is the real existence of the cosmic healing field, which is effective everywhere, and you will find the life frequency that connects you to this force field. Healing, healing of the soul and miracle healing are processes that you can now bring about yourselves because you have learned to live in the higher frequency field. In the connection with the cosmic healing field you recognise your immanent God-nature in a completely natural way without religious transfiguration – and you now sense what future and what possibilities await you if you have the courage to open yourselves to the powers of the spiritual world.

Real healing biotopes are not yet realized on Earth, but they are a fact in the cosmic world‘s plan for creation. Their manifestation on Earth begins with being seen by the human spirit. Then the first groups will begin to realize it on their own. When the time comes when you have inwardly accepted the rules of life and the tasks of the healing biotopes, you will participate together in a great work. From now on you will work together for the healing of the Earth and the renewal of life, including your own. Through your high connection with the sacred forces you are protected from external dangers and experience in your own body a hitherto unknown immunity to pain or disease. – Today there are computerized movements for the renewal of life: Artificial intelligence, transhumanism, cyberfeminism, etc. But a future worth living does not come from union with a robot, but from the union of the human soul with the soul frequency of the world soul that is inherent in all living things. In this union lies the fulfillment of your elemental longings for love, home and meaningful life. You do not need to study the world soul for this, for you carry it within yourselves; you carry it within yourselves as a human force that unites you in deep solidarity with all your co-workers and

all your fellow creatures. In opened hearts lies the power to cooperate with cosmic forces, to overcome fears, to dissolve the walls between friend and foe. If you meet an opponent without fear and condemnation, he will turn into a friend. Love is not just a dream, it is the concrete utopia of humanity.



The coming communities of the healing biotopes are developing their life practice ever more surely according to the inputs of the Sacred Matrix. This creates new total information of healing, which now enters the global biocomputer. This information is mainly composed of the following elements:

  • They recognise the unity of all life on Earth and their inner connectedness with all fellow creatures.
  • They follow the basic ethical rules of a real community: Truth, trust and mutual support. No enmity with each other, not even in thought.
  • They work through their new mystery school for the healing of sex, love and partnership. They cultivate free sexuality in contact, mutual pleasure and embeddedness in their great common goal. They thereby free sexual attraction from lies and hypocrisy, and they know that there is no contradiction between free sexuality and partner love.
  • They love their children and develop a kind of children‘s republic, supervised by knowledgeable adults. The old dogmas of authoritarian or anti-authoritarian education are replaced by loving support and occasional correction of the child‘s wild nature, which has now entered a new Earth life.
  • They live in caring cooperation with all wildlife, including rats, snakes and „vermin“ in the gardens. They were amazed to see how much most animals want to be with humans and what miracles happen when there is no longer fear between humans and animals.
  • They have reconnected with the healing and sacred world forces. They have found the divine world that shines like an eternal sun on their lives. In this frequency, a new life has arisen in them. Now they understand the mysteries of near-death experiences or miracle healings, because now they can heal themselves.
  • They have learned to communicate with the nature beings, just as they communicate with their deceased friends and with the spirits of the higher worlds. They definitely know that they do not only consist of their ego, but of a world realm that has incarnated in their present existence. They are in the process of getting to know the spiritual world and using their different talents for the necessary diversity of the common task.
  • They know that their biological survival is only secured by independence from the large systems of the capitalist world and by building subsistence economies for the self-sufficient supply of water, food and energy. Their craftsmen and engineers are enthusiastically working on new ways of doing things in these areas. This is their work, which they do in an exemplary way for the whole world, for hungry humanity and the healing of the Earth.

When these eight points come together in a community, unified information for a new world emerges. Now the way is clear for the entelechial spirit forces of evolution to enable you to heal the Earth in a relatively short time. Just as the shape of an apple tree emerges from the information in an apple core, so the shape of the new world emerges from the aforementioned information matrix. It is the information matrix of the healing biotopes. Healing biotopes are in resonance with the world order of the Sacred Matrix and, through this resonance, bring about an increased readiness for similar foundations throughout the Earth, for all human beings are connected to the higher world order. In yourselves they bring about the power for a creative evolution of your own lives, for now you have experienced the existence of another reality and the miracle of transformation in yourselves. The miracle of freedom, the miracle of love, the miracle of man and his resurrection. You can hardly believe it, it suddenly went by itself. You experience it like a planetary Christmas. Now the Earth‘s central computer receives a new direction that changes all previous parameters. This is how what you have called the „morphogenetic field“ is created on a global level, a global change in overall behavior on Earth, because all beings are connected to the central biocomputer.

Now new communities are emerging that no longer break down because of inner conflicts. Slowly, the new life impulse is taken up by the whole biosphere. The weather calms down, the waters clear up, parched landscapes become green again, a new growth of plants ensures that no one has to die of hunger any more, and the children of the world will no longer experience war.

This, in a nutshell, is the core idea of global healing, a truth for all earthlings, regardless of skin color or origin.

Thank you very much for your work.

Agent Alpha