Dieter Duhm

I’m a psychoanalyst, art historian and hold a PhD in Sociology. I developed the “Healing Biotopes Plan,” co-founded the Tamera project and have authored several books.


I was born in Berlin, Germany, in the middle of World War II in 1942. In addition to psychoanalysis, I studied sociology, cybernetics and art history in Freiburg. In 1967, I joined the Marxist movement after finding out about the crimes in the Vietnam War. I became one of the leading activists in the German students’ movement in the Mannheim area, and a leading thinker and speaker for the movement nationally. In a flyer that was distributed all over the country in 1968, I coined the phrase, “Revolution without emancipation is counter-revolution.” I developed this idea further in my first book Angst im Kapitalismus [Fear in Capitalism], published in 1972, which was a left-wing bestseller.

By the mid-’70s, I had begun searching for something deeper and I abandoned the Marxist movement which was riddled with infighting and was not offering a feasible alternative to the existing system. I saw that what is needed is not only economic revolution, but an entirely new foundation for human life on Earth. Developing a credible concept for a civilization without war became my issue for life – I remain committed to it to this day. I visited nearly 100 social and ecological projects around the world before retreating into hermitage for 6 months. During this time I delved more deeply into knowledge from western science, eastern and Indigenous philosophy, and conducted my own spiritual and transcendental experiments, in search of a possible way forward.

In 1978, with 7 fellow pioneers in Southern Germany, I founded the “Bauhuette” project, from which Tamera eventually emerged. The intention was to create a functioning community as a starting point for further reaching work. From 1983–86, I led a social experiment with 50 participants in the Black Forest in Germany, where we explored questions of the origin, meaning and aim of human existence. This experiment was a success and gave rise to a vision of communities around the world. In the late ’80s I started to articulate this vision as the “Healing Biotopes Plan.” In 1995, I founded Tamera in Portugal together with my life-partner, Sabine Lichtenfels and others, as a first “Healing Biotope.”

I’m the father of a grown-up daughter, Mara, who is one of Tamera’s young leaders.

My Role in Tamera

I serve as a writer, visionary, mentor and teacher for project leaders, our next generation and new students in the realms of Eros, art, healing and global peace work.

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