Brigitte Muskalla

I’m part of Tamera’s internal Love School and of the community’s Women’s Council.


I was born in Saarland, Germany in 1959 as the fifth of 8 siblings. I grew up in very simple conditions in a little farming village. My father was a bricklayer and my mother a housewife.

At 17, I began my education as a nurse at the university hospital. After my training and 2 years of working at a neurosurgery intensive care unit, I came to question my profession and, above all the system I was working in. I had reached an edge in my private life at the same time. I couldn’t see any meaningful prospect for living my longings in love, being, as I was, in love with a married man. And neither could I see a prospect for living the truth of my sexuality, as I was confronted with the jealousy of my lovers when I dared to follow my desire freely. I had reached a point where I considered joining a nunnery or dedicating my life to development aid in the Global South. After traveling for some time in Australia, I continued to work as a nurse in a hospital in Mannheim, Germany for two years.

During this time, I came to know of the “Bauhuette” project. I visited it for the first time in 1984 and soon after, driven by some indistinct intuition, I quit my job and moved to Switzerland to join a “Bauhuette” city group. Sometime later I joined a community experiment close to the project, near Lake Constance. I connected with ZEGG when it was beginning in 1991, and served the community in different positions, mostly as its head chef. In 2000, I gave birth to my daughter Hannah. Still looking to deepen in the realms of community, children, love and sexuality, I decided to join Tamera with my daughter in 2005.

What Motivates Me

I’m in Tamera because:

  • I consider creating Healing Biotopes to be a political necessity
  • of the project’s ideas about love and sexuality and its awareness that the central switch towards a nonviolent Earth is to be made in this area
  • I love both the freedom and the intellectual and spiritual commitment to the attempt to establish a community of trust among people
  • it makes sense to me to help create a prospect for the future, and for our children.

My Role in Tamera

I’m part of Tamera’s internal Love School. Our team organizes and facilitates a variety of Love School gatherings and events for members and newcomers, and we offer seminars and accompaniment for guests. I also coordinate our internal Women’s Council which supports important social processes within the community.