Robert Gasse

I’m one of Tamera’s next-generation leaders and group facilitators, the choir master, and am also responsible for building and maintenance works in our Political Ashram.


I was born near Berlin in 1975 and grew up in socialist East Germany, witnessing the turnaround of this society during my teenage years. I trained as a carpenter and studied wood building, intending to dedicate myself in development aid later. However, I increasingly questioned my intent, recognizing development aid as nothing sustainable at all. I couldn’t find much meaning in trying to help people by promoting our Western way of life. The more I realized the widespread suffering at the foundation of this society, the more I questioned this entire culture. Yet the wish to put my life into service for bettering this world remained. 

I first visited Tamera in 2000 and decided to join the project in 2001. I underwent an intense spiritual and social education in Tamera’s Political Ashram together with fellow students my age. After an intense “School Mirja” from 2001–2002, a small group of young people decided to stay together for a whole year of intensive study. After that experience of staying together while studying, we were able to take on more and more responsibility for the community. I took on responsibility for building works and as a group facilitator.

What Motivates Me

Ever since I got to know Tamera, I’ve been fascinated by the idea of creating a model for a new culture. I’ve – very positively – been under the spell of this idea, which seeks to combine:

  • humaneness with political work
  • Eros free of fear
  • spiritual connection
  • building community and trust between people and all beings.

It’s a pathway for healing planet Earth.

My Role in Tamera

Ever since 2002, I’ve been the community choir master. I wasn’t trained as a conductor, but as I have always loved music, everything I needed to learn came to me.

I’ve coordinated maintenance works in the Political Ashram since 2012, and taken part in holding spaces of spiritual research.

Ever since 2014, I’ve led the public Love School seminars by the side of Brigitte Muskalla in Tamera and supported the Global Love School as a group facilitator.