Monika Alleweldt

Originally trained as an agricultural engineer, I’m a networker, writer and publisher of Tamera’s books through the project-owned Verlag Meiga publishing house.


Born in 1954 in Giessen, Germany, as a child I was already dreaming of helping the poor and hungry around the world. This idea collapsed after I did an agricultural internship in Guatemala which was a turning point in my life. While in a country in the Global South for the first time, I was deeply moved by the absolute misery of the Indigenous population and witnessed a creeping genocide. I realized that humanitarian aid could not address the core of the problem, which doesn’t lie in the Global South, but in our own Western culture. After this I was plagued by a profound crisis of meaning and searched for keys of change.

In 1986, I came across the “Bauhuette” project, the forerunner of Tamera. It’s here that I found compelling ideas for the changes I was looking for. I’ve been involved in the project since then. From the mid-’90s, I’ve worked in publication, communication and networking.


What Motivates Me

I’m part of Tamera because I want to help find an answer to the globally urgent question: “What will happen after the political, ecological and economic mega-systems collapse?” My motivation originates in my compassion for all oppressed and tormented beings. I work for the Healing Biotopes Plan, as I see it as a credible way to end the unimaginable suffering in the world.

My Role in Tamera

I coordinate Tamera’s publishing house, Verlag Meiga, and am especially dedicated to promoting the writings of Dieter Duhm and Sabine Lichtenfels, as I see them as key to the success of a humane revolution. I am currently restructuring the publishing house to enable wider public access to these books.