Core Curriculum

We seek to empower a planetary community of change makers to take an active role in the transition to a more peaceful and thriving world, using the Healing Biotopes Plan as a basis for orientation. Taking a holistic approach combining the political, spiritual, social, erotic and ecological aspects of life, we focus on the overall direction of global transformation rather than on specific local, personal or therapeutic ends.

Central Topics of Our Trainings

Global Consciousness and Holistic Thinking

Moving from fragmentation to wholeness is crucial for finding orientation in a dramatically transforming and ever more complex world. Learning to see that which is the same everywhere allows us to become aware of the collective patterns of violence and oppression – while developing compassion and the intrinsic imperative to stand up for life without reservations. Rooted in the emerging holographic worldview, we seek to awaken a realistic vision of a nonviolent world and the transition toward it in our students’ hearts and minds.

Spiritual Life Practice

Learning to shift from an ego-based identity to being rooted in the “sacred matrix,” the other reality behind the human-made world of division and fear, is at the core of the training. Being connected to the sacred matrix is indispensable for successful global healing work – all growth, healing and insight emerge from it. By discovering the sacred life force within us and all life through thinking, consciousness work, ritual, art and creativity, we learn to connect the world that we create with the world that has created us.

Community Building

Learning the principles of peacework is identical to learning the principles of community building. We “teach” community by building and living in community and by raising consciousness about what happens among people – globally and concretely, in our day-to-day lives. It’s essentially learning to build trust, by becoming able to show oneself without masks, to reflect one’s own actions, to do what you say and say what you do, to step into service for the greater good and to give supportive feedback. The more consciousness you develop about yourself, the more you generate trust and can take leadership in community building.

Healing of Love

We focus on gaining a global and historical perspective on sexuality, love and partnership. By understanding how much of the violence playing out worldwide originates from unrequited love and suppressed sexuality, an ethical imperative to free these core areas of our lives from fear, deception and suppression develops. By studying the inherent logic of love, you learn to create the social structures needed to make it last. Through building community you’ll discover ways to express your sexuality in a healthy, open way and become truthful in your relationships.


Art allows you to learn many characteristics that are essential to peacework. The deeper you get into art, the more you can study how life operates. You can learn to let it work through you and accomplish its work effortlessly, by itself. What wants to come into existence through art originates from a realm of perception where all definitions cease to exist. You learn to see the world without prejudice and to free yourself from the definitions and stories you’ve told yourself of who you’re supposed to be.

Cooperation with Nature

Recognizing our relation to nature as a mirror of our interpersonal and social relations, you can accept nature, its beings and elements as teachers of love through learning to truly listen and hear their messages to us. By doing so, you’ll face the wounds of our cultural history, which have left deeply ingrained patterns of fear and hostility in us all. Through the conscious decision to become caretakers for the Earth, to cooperate instead of dominating, we can transform these destructive patterns and begin to heal our broken relation to life.

Regenerative Autonomy

Moving beyond mere “sustainability,” we focus on regenerative design principles when working on the ecological, technological and economic foundations of future societies and communities. Studying the New Water Paradigm, you’ll see how damaged ecosystems and the climate can be restored globally and how economies can be decentralized, providing an abundance of water and food for everyone. Acknowledging the interrelatedness of water, sanitation, hygiene, energy, building, food and agriculture, you can study the basic principles of an emerging, holistic blueprint for regenerative settlement in both theory and practice.