International Women’s Day: I Love Being a Woman!

Dara Silverman, March 5 2018

Since the #MeToo movement began in October, we’ve seen one scandal after the next revealed in the media. What if women and men could step beyond these old roles of victim and perpetrator? While making the truth visible is a first necessary step, it’s also clear that we won’t find any true healing for sexual violence so long as we remain stuck in mutual accusation and revenge.

This International Women’s Day, March 8, we women of Tamera invite the women in our network and women around the world to stand in solidarity and say #ILoveBeingAWoman! Let us step beyond victimhood and resume our natural feminine authority to give healing orientation, sometimes fierce and sometimes soft, and end violence wherever we can.

Read the short piece “I Love Being a Woman” by Sabine Lichtenfels, our co-founder and head of the Global Love School, published by Uplift Connect. Revolutionary words for all women to regain our sexual and spiritual power.

Why We Love Being Women

Sabine Lichtenfels
Aida Shibli
Barbara Kovats
Dara Silverman

Join us!

Record a short video to share why you love being a woman and what it means for you to be able to make this statement! Publish it through your Facebook and/or Twitter profile on March 8 and use the hashtag #ILoveBeingAWoman. Make sure you send it to us at igp (at) We are looking forward to your messages!

One Billion Rising

We do this as part of One Billion Rising, a worldwide movement to end violence against women and girls, which has held an arc of actions from February 14 through March 8 to rise for system change.

Our dance with youth and children in solidarity with Ahed Tamimi and all those who are oppressed.

Written by Eve Ensler, playwright and One Billion Rising founder, performed by Rosario Dawson, directed and edited by Deborah Anderson.