Where Is the Way Out?

I have hesitated for a long time to publish this text. It does not deal with the geopolitical and strategic background of the current war in Ukraine, but with the topic of war in general. War is something so crazy, inhuman, and wrong that it demands us to ask how such a madness in humanity could emerge in the first place and how we might be able to free ourselves from this sin once and for all.

There can be no peace in the world, as long as there is war in love.

Dr. Dieter Duhm, March 2022

The Situation

Evolution has brought forth a reflective “I” in which life can see itself: the human being. “Man is the eye of evolution,” Aldous Huxley wrote. What does this eye see? It sees two worlds: A bright world of love, togetherness and healing, and a dark world of despair, violence, and war. Both worlds seem to exist simultaneously everywhere on Earth. The dark world: the measures against the Corona virus, which have caused many more deaths worldwide than the virus itself, or now the bombings of residential areas and hospitals and, in addition to all that, the atrocities of the current war in Ukraine. Stunned, we stand before a humanitarian catastrophe that has now also reached Europe.

The dark world is human-made, the other comes from a divine source in the universe from which we all originated. In my books, I have called it the “Sacred Matrix.” It has its soul imprint in the ethical nature of all people and therefore can be realized everywhere. We currently experience a part of this light world in the unbelievable willingness of millions of people to help the victims of the Ukraine war. All over the world, from Alaska to Australia, the blue and yellow colors of the Ukraine flag are shining. Something historically new is happening here. Perhaps we are all at a turning point that leads from darkness into light?

The concepts of hatred and war that have developed over the course of history are, in general, in a process of dissolution. They are illusory anyway, because the person who is your friend today may have been your enemy in the past, and vice versa. The whole story of perpetrators and victims has been historically orchestrated by an era of merciless religious, racist, and political violence. How the Russian invaders of Ukraine would have loved to unite as friends with their supposed enemies and drink a beer together! They would rather have done this a thousand times than follow the ordered mass murder.

It is fundamentally wrong to fix the current war on a single person like Putin because this war, like all other wars, is rooted in the structures of a mistakenly programmed civilization to which we all still belong. The Russian and Ukrainian soldiers are the same people. They have done nothing to each other, they could be friends and siblings. Yet they are shooting at each other! We will have difficulties explaining this to our children and grandchildren. We can hardly understand it ourselves. Something monstrous has happened in the history of war throughout the last millennia, in which human beings have been robbed of their strength, their truth and their courage, degrading them to the level of obedient subjects. Obedience is necessary for survival under the cruel conditions of the imperial systems of power.

All the great systems of the present world ­– the United States, Russia, Europe, and China – are equally involved in this global war, with each engaged in their own way in the destruction of human life, animal life and nature.

War arises when human life is no longer in accordance with the elementary laws of life and with the inner life forces of human beings, the rules of love for each other and for all creatures, and with the rules of the greater organism of life to which we all belong. In this sense, our entire civilization has been in a latent state of war for thousands of years. Through the inherited burden of a continuous history of war, people have become accustomed to many things that blatantly violate the laws of life. Just look at the consumer habits and the range of goods in supermarkets. How much nature must be destroyed, how many creatures, humans, and animals, have to die so that people can compensate for their missing love and happiness through consumption?

War arises when a sensitive point within one’s own self is injured. Everything external comes from within. The conflicts are fought on the outside for that with which we cannot cope on the inside. This is true everywhere: in communities, in love relationships and in global politics. It is on the outside that we fight the shadow figures we carry within us. On the outside, we judge whatever we carry within us as latent self-condemnation. This is how the cultural history of humanity – our so-called “tradition” – is passed on from generation to generation. Today, it is time to step away from this cultural history and foster another.

Peace is politically equated with secure state borders. However, war is rooted within all life that takes place within these borders: in the relationship between people, in the relationship between the sexes, in all failed love relationships, in the relationship of people towards animals, nature and all fellow creatures, in the subordination of all life processes to the laws of economy and profit.

As a simple example, consider the everyday fate of a cow whose calf is taken away. Are we still able to feel the pain of the cow and the pain of the calf? Why this human cruelty towards love between animals? Could humans still do this if they themselves knew real love?

A central point of war culture lies in “relationship-crime” ­– in many murders and acts of violence the outburst of hatred stems from jealousy and rejection in love. You can look wherever you want: behind almost every violent crime, but additionally behind almost every case of depression and despair, there lies the issue of sex, jealousy, and abandonment. Here is a point that has been dutifully and consistently ignored in political discussion. More people die from failed love than from any other accident. The real inner human issues are not yet on any political agenda. But these are exactly the issues on which almost all political movements and communities have so far failed. I speak from rich experience.

How much pain do people inflict on each other because they are afraid to reveal their sexual nature, desires, and longings in front of each other? We all have this wafer-thin fear of condemnation, the fear of the gaze of others, which immediately manifests itself in real conflict in a (usually unconscious) reaction of attack and defense. Attack and defense: these are the methods of war on the outside as well as on the inside. If this fear did not exist, would anyone ever lie to their partner because they are secretly pursuing another relationship? Or would they ever be frightened when their partner shows lust for another?

Here, in the everyday habits of life, lie the mental gardens for hatred and war. A small crack in a child’s heart can grow into an underlying permanent pain in maturity. The burden that many of us carry throughout our lives prevents us from being happy in love. As millions of people suffer from this inner baggage, there is a disposition towards rage and destruction in the underground of the world which manifests as unspeakable atrocities worldwide. This has been going on for thousands of years! For millennia, humanity has lived out the logic of war, the logic of attack and defense, right down to how we conduct our love relationships.

Today, although we live in a global interconnectedness,we are unable to trust each other under the conditions of competitive world capitalism. The logic of a globalized world, which follows the principles of economy, exploitation, and profit, creates a very fragile concept of globality. Real life follows a different logic. When the first human beings begin to seriously follow this other logic, a completely different concept of globality will emerge: namely the reintegration of our human existence with the cosmic, ethical, and ecological principles of universal life.We will begin to share in the inner togetherness of all beings and to cooperate with our fellow creatures. At this level, the world to come will unite and we will discover the principles of life we need to fit harmoniously into the greater whole.

The light forces of the world are powerfully raining down on the Earth. All those who still feel love and truth within themselves are seeking a new way of life. The more we discover this path and give this new life force space in us, the more determined we will become to end all wars. We are all connected to this core power. We see in full compassion the unspeakable pain of war, but we can also see the “other reality,” where we’re no longer identified with the pain because we’ve found the powers we need to work for the healing of human beings: the indestructible forces of love and togetherness. It is indeed the discovery of a new love and a higher happiness that is being heralded. It is about the discovery of a new possibility of life, one that has always been there. It is the “other reality,” which I’ve previously described as the “Sacred Matrix.” Electricity, too, has always been there but was only discovered and started to be used in the 19th century. Suddenly the lights went on everywhere around the world. When the higher forces of the “Sacred Matrix” are realized on Earth, the spiritual lights will similarly flip on in many places around the globe. There are regions where they may have already gone on: in Rojava in Northern Syria, among the Zapatistas in Mexico, the Kogis in Colombia, in some peace villages like San Josécito in Colombia, and in many other places on Earth.

The existing system of global capitalism is at its end. Many who are engaged today as activists and refugee aid workers will not return to the old structures. They have understood how much blood and how many lies are connected to the capitalist system. We cannot continue like this because we are not only destroying the soul of nature (climate, species extinction, etc.), but also the souls of human beings, including our own. Every 40 seconds, a person on Earth commits suicide.

More and more people want to step out, to find and build a meaningful life again. They want to build a future worth living for themselves and their children. The egoic era is over; we have to cooperate.

The crisis resolution that is needed today is a creative and complete exit from the old system. This will happen through the construction of decentralized peace villages with self-sufficient supplies in the basic resources of water, energy, food, community, and love. New forces of consciousness will emerge through a deep soul connection with the maternal ground of the Earth, from which all life comes – and through connection with the spiritual forces of the universe.

The picture is clear. The old systems of violence are to be replaced by local and regional centers in which the life forces of heaven and Earth can be rediscovered. By this, we will create an inner opening for the wonderful possibilities and perspectives that are inherent in us but could not be realized under the existing social conditions. We are facing a whole new stage of evolution. It will fill us and our children with an empathy that opens new doors of life, research, and happiness. Finally, a new knowledge will reveal itself that has always been latent: the knowledge of the healing of our human existence.

Many people on Earth today are already too close to the information of this “other reality” of life to abandon it purely because of individual needs and conflicts. When the manifestation of another life succeeds in one place, the spell is broken. Soon similar fields of life will arise in many countries. Slowly a morphogenetic field is emerging for the formation of the new system of life. On Earth, a resonance field between the Earthly life field and the cosmic healing field (the “Sacred Matrix”) has now been created in the first models. In all the places where people are reached by the energy of this new field, similar future sites are emerging. Through a growing, intelligent network the resonance field will increase and lead to the further initiation of regional life centers.

The dream of paradise is not yet dreamed to its end but is beginning to develop new contours. And here lies my theme, my question, my task, and my request: Please help to recognize the truth of the “other reality,” the truth of a higher power that instantly overcomes illness and death and gives our lives the decisive turn. Help manifest this power in your actions, your communities, and networks. Build the new life systems where this power can converge. If this power can converge successfully in the first places on Earth, it will flow everywhere, for all of Earth and all of humanity are fundamentally connected, from the level of the group up, to this power.

The Way Out

Yesterday at dawn, I was sitting on some steps in the garden. A wild boar came up to me and laid its head on my arm. We lingered like that for a few minutes in mutual love for each other. I could be moved to tears when I see how deeply animals want to be together with humans when they are no longer afraid of them.

It really exists, this “other reality,” the divine world of love, reconciliation, and healing,the world of the “Sacred Matrix.” It exists in and above all things, above all pain, all people. It is the archetype and the goal in the blueprint of creation, the inner goal and entelechy of all life. It is the sacred canopy that stretches over all things as soon as we begin to “see.” It is, as Jesus said, the “Kingdom of God on Earth” that is “within you” and awaits its realization.

This is about a different concept of life, the concept of a higher reality that is objectively inscribed in our life plan, our organism, our soul, our molecular cell structure. The “other concept of life” is as objective as the apple in front of me. It is a reality that we experience again and again when our heart opens. When the wild boar lays its head on my arm, when Silke and Robert sing together the Christmas carol “Mary’s Boy Child,” when I see the love of a little boy for his mother, when I have been able to meet an old enemy in friendship… All of this together forms a new perspective on the holographic film of life, the other image in the kaleidoscope of our soul: the image of the “Sacred Matrix.”

The image of a healthy world lies deep within our own souls. There is a spiritual willpower where this image can no longer be destroyed by external counter-forces. Today, many people who do their service in helping humans and animals have learned to work with this image. The greater the external pressure becomes, the more important becomes this ability to rise above private fears, hurts or preferences and to enter that zone of life where fear and hatred no longer exist. In this transition from the individual ego to the global self lies the inner switch that we need today to stay connected with this new power. Here we’ve reached a fundamental source of happiness, for real happiness is embedment in something greater. Now, the image of a healthy life which we’ve carried as a cosmic dowry in our cells since time immemorial can manifest.

In the “Future Trances” by Sabine Lichtenfels, I found the magical sentence: “If we are able to live a life now where we understand entirely within ourselves how to end war, this reality will immediately come true.” I find this sentence so thrilling and true that I want to hear it over and over again.

Teilhard de Chardin spoke about the “God Point” inside of the human being. It is the point that immediately takes over in every living organism as soon as it is sufficiently activated. It is also the point that saves your life when you are in a hopeless situation. I speak out of experience. It is a definite experience, the reality of which is beyond all opinion. It is a point of universal connectedness, a certainty of being, a power, and great love. Here a higher “I” coordinates our lives. Here we are – if one can tolerate this formulation – “with God.”

If a first community of a hundred participants would be permanently filled with this “God Point,” a power would emerge that would reach far beyond that community. A “world monastery” and a “global campus” would emerge and radiate globally. If a political movement of peace workers would be charged with this point, a force would arise that could move mountains, because it would change all participants. It is the power of the higher world that suddenly arises,which carries sufficient force within itself to overcome all resistance. This power wants to swell immediately like a wave as soon as people are fully present and aware of the miracle that has just taken place. As I cannot yet find an appropriate word for this point, I simply call it “Omega.”

Omega is the point of “miracle healing,” the sacred point that brings about healing in a suffering organism, and within the whole of humanity. In a modern and conscious peace movement, it is therefore important to find the Omega point and to build the first communities and networks within its powerful field. It will be a new type of community where this Omega point is permanently present, enabling the participants to steer the whole system in a humane direction. We refer to such communities when we speak of the “Global Healing Biotopes Plan.”

Together with a few co-workers I have been engaged in this project for 40 years. The reason it takes so long is because the people involved must first get used to such a novel idea. Things had to come together here that had never been served at the same table before: Eros and religion, human beings and animals, heart and science, local and global thinking. This story seemed as innovative as a journey to Mars.

A Healing Biotope is an order of life in which all beings are part of an orgonotic*overall field which connects them in healing cooperation. In this way, an overall information of life is created, in accordance with the principles of the “Sacred Matrix.” We speak here of the “Sacred Alliance” of all life.

We had a lot of work to do to recognize and realize these principles, at least to some extent. The following six guidelines describe the conditions needed to build real peace villages or Healing Biotopes.

Guiding Principles of Healing Biotopes

1. The re-embedment of human settlements in the family of life on Earth. This  includes the cosmic cycles of nature and the systemic connection of life with all animals, plants, and the invisible beings that surround us everywhere. In Tamera we have developed our own department, “Terra Deva,” for this purpose. Here, a possibility of cooperation is being developed with all visible and invisible fellow creatures in the animal and plant kingdoms. Here, women who are gifted mediums are working for the spiritual healing of nature. At the same time, this research gives birth to a new image of the human being within nature which we’ve hardly ever known before. Describing the miracles occurring in this work would exceed a single book. The experiences we’ve shared with rats and wild boars are concrete testimonies of another reality. This work opens a new perspective on our own existence and on life in general. Slowly, men are also joining in.

2. The healing of sexuality, love, and partnership. Sexuality and love are the most beautiful gifts that human beings receive from the universe. We should use them gratefully and conscientiously. For this we need binding ethics in our intimate relationships: Sexual encounters that occur only with genuine contact and mutual consent, please! The usual lies and secrecies in these areas are not permitted, for there cannot be peace on Earth as long as there is war in love. Therefore, there should be no lies in love! No ideological discussions that set up a dichotomy between free sexuality and monogamy. Eros as celebration and reconnection with the elemental forces of life. For the transparency and illumination of these issues we have set up a “Love School” in Tamera.

3. Adherence to the basic rules of every functioning community: trust, truth and mutual support, no condemnation of others, not even in thought. Trust is a deep key to all true renewal. Where there is genuine trust, a higher power can enter and  work miracles. The establishment of functioning Healing Biotopes requires a high ethical commitment from participants. For example, the subordination of private interests for a higher common goal. As the I Ching states: “True fellowship among people must be based upon a concern that is universal. It is not the private interests of the individual that create lasting fellowship among people, but rather the goals of humanity.”

4. A new relationship with the animal world, which stands in living cooperation with humans in the overall organism of life. This even applies to rats or so-called “pests” in the garden. This calls for attention, friendship, love and help for all creatures. In this context, I give deep thanks to Eike Braunroth, the founder of the Peace Gardens.

5. Above all, the recognition of the sacred and healing forces; the recognition of a cosmic healing field and its revelations in miracle healings, near-death experiences, and situations of salvation where hardly any salvation seemed possible. Here indeed lies the good news, the real gospel of the universe. The world is full of such experiences. We can no longer ignore them if we want to find a realistic picture of healing for the whole of our human life. I would not speak like this had I not experienced it myself. If the first groups succeed in making the transition from the old world system of mechanical thinking to the world system of divine revelations, the decisive step will have been taken.

6. In view of the coming catastrophes, we need to organize for self-sufficiency for our biological survival, so we can become independent of large-scale systems. Above all, we need subsistence economies which provide us with the necessary water, food, and energy. When this point is connected to the previous one, systems will come into being that we can call peace villages or Healing Biotopes. Once the first ones are functioning, similar models will emerge in many places on Earth, because all human beings are connected to the same world order of the “Sacred Matrix.”

These six points form a unified information system based on the “Sacred Matrix.” It is a planetary information system because it can be applied to all places and cultures. If it succeeds, that all six points are really united in the same direction, a morphogenetic field will arise on a global level, because all beings are connected to this order. Herein also lies an answer to the question of how a world without war could ever be created.

At the same time, we are realizing the concept of a new world which has always existed as a utopian latency and was seen or imagined in earlier times in the myths of the coming paradise. For example, we read the following sentences from the prophet Isaiah in the Old Testament (Isaiah 35:1-10):

“The desert and the parched land will be glad, the wilderness will rejoice and blossom like the crocus… Strengthen the feeble hands, steady the knees that give way; say to those with fearful hearts, ‘Be strong, do not fear!’… Then will the eyes of the blind be opened and the ears of the deaf unstopped. Then will the lame leap like a deer, and the mute tongue shout for joy. Water will gush forth in the wilderness and streams in the desert. The burning sand will become a pool, the thirsty ground bubbling springs… And a highway will be there, it will be called the Way of Holiness… Everlasting joy will crown their heads. Gladness and joy will overtake them, and sorrow and sighing will flee away.”

This prediction of Isaiah is far more than a fairy tale or a mere pipe dream, for it describes a real possibility that is foreseen in the universe for our life on Earth.

There is another human being behind the human being we know. There is another reality behind our so-called reality. There is a common core behind all differences, and there is a suppressed longing for love and home behind all cruelty. There is a world where no one thinks of killing another, where they stop with their ideologies and wars, where soldiers put down their guns and no power in the world thinks of building and dropping bombs. This “other reality” exists, and there are many people who know this, but do not yet know how to manifest it. The answer will come when we have seen and understood the fact of this other world order – and when the first committed groups start to build corresponding life models. For only then will the power of a counter-movement arise that is stronger than all violence.

Where people stand firmly together in this sense, a force is formed inside of them that enables them to act fearlessly and no longer subordinate themselves to the false rules of society. The big word “transformation” here carries a revolutionary imperative that can no longer be escaped.

When a group of people is formed that is connected to these goals, then the old problems of love conflicts, power and personal validity disappear by themselves. A force emerges that has an effect far beyond this group: The power of the field. Those who intend great things are no longer set back by failures, mistakes, or short-term annoyances. Even the best people still carry traumatic remnants of the historical past in the underground of their souls and are irritated – sometimes exactly when acting from their best intentions – by the invasion from below. Such things can easily be resolved through humorous understanding if the group is united in solidarity by their common goal and their unequivocal will. After all, the eternally known group conflicts only arise when a group has no common goal.

These are quite realistic possibilities for our own transformation. What we really want, we can achieve. If we could not do it, we could not want it. Our organism has limitless physical and psychological potential. When an acrobat rides a bicycle backwards and forwards on a tightrope, they show what a human being is physically capable of when concentrating fully on their task. Shouldn’t something similar be possible in the spiritual realm of our souls? Do we not also have a very fine sensor here that lets us know right from wrong? When we focus our attention and our will completely on a common goal, then the inner operator activates all the sensors that are necessary to reach it. Reinhold Messner could not have achieved his sensational mountaineering feats in any other way. Now that we are in an urgent global crisis, the whole world is waiting for the first groups that are determined to use this inner force for the healing of humanity and the Earth. We will not now be able to immediately end the ongoing war in Ukraine, but we can initiate a morphogenetic field that will make wars no longer possible in the future. We will then be heading towards a not-so-distant time when we can finally say “WAR IS OVER.”

When the vision of Healing Biotopes came to me with such force (in the village of Egglham in Germany, in 1976), I felt that now was the time. However, I still had little idea how many years or decades it would take until it would manifest itself among real people on the real Earth. But since then, there has been no doubt about the real existence of the Healing Biotopes Plan as a blueprint and concept in the universe that we can clearly see and manifest on Earth today.

In the name of love for all creatures.

*Editor’s note: Wilhelm Reich was the first to propose the theory of orgone energy: a bio-energetic expression that is present in all living beings ­– he thought of it as a form of erotic life energy that is essential for health.

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