For the healing of humanity and the Earth. Save Rojava!

Dieter Duhm, November 9, 2019

The world is boiling. From Chile to Hong Kong, a wave of anger and struggle runs across the Earth. Millions of people are on the streets to protest against the dominant systems. One part of humanity defends itself against what the other part has caused. All this conceals is a millennia-long history of violence, oppression and war. Humanity is stuck in a global field of war and is no longer able to find the way out of the self-constructed maze. War has even intruded to the most intimate realms of our interpersonal relationships – sexuality, love and partnership. With great power, women’s movements rise up against the sexual violence happening everywhere. Humanity sits on a tinderbox ready to explode at any moment.

We all catch our breath when we see what is happening to the great social experiment of Rojava in north-east Syria. Rojava is an autonomous region, established by Kurds in which various ethnic groups respectfully coexist, under a social leadership of women (unheard of even in Western countries), with organic agriculture and a new way of life that could serve as a model for many oppressed peoples.

The Turkish attack on this region is an example of the unimaginable cruelty with which existing systems are determined to destroy any real-life utopia for a humane world that defies the laws of centralized power. What is really happening there – even during the days of the alleged “ceasefire” – is nothing we hear about in mainstream media, but only through reports from courageous doctors, journalists and eyewitnesses on the ground. Even napalm and white phosphorus have been used.

What currently culminates in this extreme way in Rojava is something that actually takes place everywhere: the war of globalized capitalism against all forms of renewal for a free life that can no longer be dominated by the old forces. This struggle takes place in all continents. It is our struggle too. Women from Rojava (from the “Kongra Star” movement) write, “We ask you for nothing more than to defend your rights. We say, ‘your rights’ as no different to ‘our rights.’ Because the attacks that are currently carried out against us are attacks on the future of humanity itself. It is an attack on women fighting for justice and equality.”

In response to the global crime, groups and movements are rising up everywhere striving towards a new world of justice, truth, and solidarity: Fridays for Future, Extinction Rebellion, Defend the Sacred, and many others. These movements could converge into a powerful global alliance if they find a shared positive goal – a goal that not only gives an answer to the outer defects of the existing world, but also a response to the inner, spiritual issues of humanity. Because it is here, within us, where we find the deeper drives that lead to war and devastation on the outside. No ISIS fighter would kill if he did not carry a wound inside, which he now passes on to others.

We need a deeper answer to the situation of the world. The existing structures cannot be changed by information, resistance and struggle alone. The evolution of human society needs a new direction altogether. Our own lives and those of all peace communities need a new direction too. What I refer to is the conscious reconnection of our lives with a power that is greater than all violence.

On this line, I would like to delve into some insights that will sooner or later fundamentally change our way of seeing the world. I experienced them firsthand, otherwise I would no longer be alive. These are the so-called “healing miracles” that occur both in the personal and in the political sphere. There is a power in the universe that is able to rescue people from the most hopeless situations and to change their lives in the most radical way. It is the primordial power of life, unity, love and healing. Despite his 27 years imprisonment, Nelson Mandela was able to use this power to create new foundations for his country. A similar miracle happened in the case of Abdullah Öcalan, the Kurdish leader who has been imprisoned for 20 years, who wrote books from prison that led to this whole new cultural development in Rojava. Given that they are surrounded by enemies and dictatorships, what they have achieved is almost a miracle.

For us who work on creating a new Earth on all levels, it is essential to understand which inner powers are at work here. These are human energies which resonate with the higher order of life, which is always directed toward unity, love, and healing. In Tamera, we refer to it as the “Sacred Matrix.” Were a community of a hundred people completely fulfilled by this power, a spiritual power reaching far beyond this community would immediately arise, for what they activate is a universal power able to move mountains.

The facts are clear: There is a real power in this world capable of ending all wars, if a sufficient number of people connect with it. It is the power of love. This power belongs to the very plan of life; it is anchored in all human beings as a genetic, spiritual and ethical structure. It sounds almost cynical to speak of “good news” in times of global warfare, and still, it does exist. There is a healing field in the universe of life which can be activated everywhere. This is not a pious dream, but a pattern of life, which always operates towards healing. All humans carry this pattern – however covered up – as their innermost intact core within them. Genuine peace work consists in activating this intact, healthy essence. The so-called healing miracles are not religious rumors, but empirical facts, occurring both in the personal and political realms. Historically, we now face the unusual task of recognizing this power, establishing its energetic vibrations, and sending it to where it is needed.

In Rojava, there are communities of people that have kept this intact core alive in themselves. Led by women, millions have established a new way of life. Abdullah Öcalan writes, “The five-thousand-year history of civilization is essentially the history of women’s slavery.” And elsewhere he writes that the only force that can save us is the love of truth. For 7 years, a development has been underway in Rojava, which we want and need to support with all our powers, because it is a signal for a new world. We can support this movement by spreading its information worldwide and by directing our spiritual powers there. In the spiritual system of the world, these powers take effect immediately if they originate in an authentic source.

Here lies the system change needed to free ourselves from the old hypnoses: the shift from the conventional level of order in war societies to the higher order of life, love, and solidarity with all fellow beings. If this system change succeeds, it will not only take place in a few small groups, but there will be a tendency towards this everywhere, for all life is connected to this higher level of order, the Sacred Matrix. In this sense, a worldwide process can actually come about, which we can figuratively refer to as a switch in the global bio-computer. This is the direction of the transformation we are all undergoing. I believe it is only a matter of time until the many millions who are currently working towards a new Earth come together on behalf of this transformation.

The Earth is calling out to all movements rising for system change today: Let us come together in this spirit, overcome all infighting and internal competition and collaborate for the work that has to be done now. “Making [decentralized autonomous] communities work in more and more places, by regenerating ecosystems, healing our collective trauma and creating social structures of solidarity and trust, is the transformational work of our times,” write 15 leaders of social movements and communities in a recent letter to The Guardian (on November 1, 2019).

We need three strategic lines to achieve global success. The first line is resistance on the streets; the second is spreading information about the real facts, which are kept secret by mainstream media; the third is our inner connection with the powers of the Sacred Matrix.

There is only one existence. This sentence from the cosmic library is foundational for all peace groups on Earth. It is the same existence and the same consciousness that is pulsing both through a worm and a human, a molecule and a galaxy. It is the spirit with which people of all cultures have celebrated their communions and with which the little puffer fish paints its mandala on the seabed. As the statement continues: “Once we see our struggles as inherently interdependent with each other, and with the web of life itself, no army on the planet will be able to stop the inevitable transition.”

Dear friends in Rojava, we stand in deep solidarity with your vision and work. We raise our powers for your protection and your steadfastness. A light has arisen here that can no longer be extinguished. In the name of love for all who are currently assisting, in the name of love for your and our children, in the name of all beings!