An Overview of the Political Theory

Dieter Duhm

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The Healing Biotopes Project follows a theory of distribution and realization which we call the “Political Theory.” In the following I will provide a brief description of its basic thoughts and its logical structure.

Worldwide peacework needs a global concept in order to be able to stand up to the existing economic and military concepts of globalization. Only a global concept can have the strength to disempower the global matrix of violence. The peace concept presented here assumes that the Gaia-Earth with all its inhabitants is a living unit, an organism. A unified organism can be influenced and changed through the introduction of suitable information. This input can be made from one or a few places on Earth. If it follows the basic laws of life, it will have a field effect throughout the entire organism. The transition from the old to the new matrix will not follow the old principle of tests of strength and power struggles. It will follow the principle of changing information. Healing information, introduced at a place which has been blocked by the information of fear and violence, can call forth a change in the overall organism. Today, due to the emerging holistic worldview, we have new healing possibilities that could have an effect on the entire planet. We live in a time when it is possible to realize the greatest ambition that the human being can have – restoring peace, freedom and harmony on Earth – in alignment with scientific thinking. We are thereby in a race with the opposing powers – it is objectively urgent. The Political Theory offers a concept with which the race can be won. It contains six parts:

  1. the holistic structure of reality
  2. the unified structure of life’s information
  3. the field principle
  4. the new information
  5. the reality of concrete utopia and
  6. the Healing Biotopes Project.

    The Holistic Structure of Reality

The holographic or holistic worldview assumes the unity of all existence. The world is a unified whole. The structure of the whole, its information and its laws can be found in all its parts and can also be influenced by all its parts. In his book “The Silent Pulse,” George Leonard writes,

“Since every particle of the universe constantly produces wave fields and every organized combination of particles also emits its own distinctive field, the number of intersecting waves is practically infinite. Theoretically, one could create a kind of super-hologram, which contains information from the entire universe from this point of view.”

In other words, the overall information of the universe can (in theory) be accessed at every point in the universe. If we were able to see into the innermost depths of a single place in the universe, we would see and understand the entire universe there. In addition, what occurs at a single point in the universe is determined by the overall events in the universe. Also, the entire universe can be influenced from every point in the universe. These are logical conclusions from the quote above.

The whole exists in all of its particles and the super-hologram of the world can be seen in its every detail: in the structure of an atom, in the spiral structure of a snail-shell, in the neural connections in the brain and in the molecular composition of the genetic code. The stamp of the world is everywhere as a kind of high density cosmogram. Everything is an aspect of the same one existence and the same one consciousness, which exists in the whole. In a religious sense we could also say that the world soul, which operates in the whole, also operates in all its parts.

The Unified Structure of Life’s Information

In the biosphere there is a place where the overall information of life is imprinted in a special way: in the genetic code of the nucleus of the cell. In all living beings the basic mathematical structure of the genetic code is the same. It only differs in its level of differentiation. This means that the same basic information of life in a mussel also exists in a cherry tree and in a human being. This is truly awesome! What modern natural science research has brought to light corresponds to a true “course in miracles.” The Political Theory takes note of such miracles. Here we have a sure indication of the unity of the world that all beings belong to. There is only one existence and one consciousness. We can therefore – provided we use the right frequency – communicate with a snake, a toad, a rat and even with flowers and trees. The interspecies communication which we are seeking, the cooperation with animals in terms of global peacework, has been provided for by the plan of creation. This possibility results from the fact that there is a universal structure of consciousness operating in all beings.

Here, I would like to point out an interesting discovery that was made thirty years ago: the striking parallel in the mathematical structure of the genetic code and that of the Chinese I Ching oracle. In two such different areas we find an almost identical world formula. The unity of existence could not be illustrated better.

The Field Principle

New information that is introduced into a unified organism operates in all its parts. New information that is introduced into a part of a unified organism operates in the entire organism. New information that is introduced into a population operates in all its individuals. New information that is introduced into an individual operates (latently) in all individuals of the population in question. All members of this population take part in this learning process. For all of them a trail is blazed, making it easier for them to learn the new behavior. An example of this is to climb Mount Everest without oxygen – an important piece of information for the population of mountaineers. Once Reinhold Messner had achieved this, many others could do it too. Certain paths in the neural patterns of the brain and certain connections in the chain of molecules of the genetic code are activated, resulting in an increased readiness to behave in the new direction. The principle of “morphogenetic field creation” is applicable to cultural, political and global developments. If the population consists of all of humanity, then new modes of behavior, which are important for all of humanity, will create a readiness to behave in a new way on a global level.

The biosphere is a unified organism. If I introduce suitable information into it, then this information operates in all its elements, i.e. in all humans, animals, plants, waters, etc. If the information stems from the sacred matrix, it will reach all beings, either openly or in a hidden way, for all beings, including humans, are at least latently in resonance with the sacred matrix.

(The biosphere consists not only of its materially visible forms, but also of invisible spiritual beings (devas) and the energetic and spiritual lines of connection between the beings. One can thus more easily imagine their spiritual unity, which Teilhard de Chardin called the “noosphere.”)

If we introduce a new, well tested and proven set of information of trust and cooperation, then this information operates in the sense of new field creation. In all elements of the whole, a certain behavioral readiness is now actualized and the probability that this new behavior will emerge is increased.

In summary: the Gaia-Earth is a unified body of life. Its organs belong together like the organs of my body. In a sick body, a single pill may suffice to animate all the cells and organs of the body in the direction of health. The pill introduces healing information into the body, and all elements of the body follow it as in a field. What is true for the body is also true for the entirety of all bodies in the life body of Gaia-Earth. The field effect is based on the holistic building plan of creation. This is a great opportunity which we have today – it may be our only chance. If we follow it, we are entering into a completely new direction of political thinking. What is, then, the “pill” that we need to introduce into Gaia-Earth in order for peace and healing to occur?

The New Information

The new overall information which is to be introduced into the world concerns the central areas of human co-existence and co-existence between humans and nature. Key concepts for this information are: community without domination – solidarity and the coming together of the genders – trust instead of fear – cooperation with nature, animals and all creatures – nutrition without complicity – nonviolent technology – a spiritual life practice, and a universal state of existence. The new overall information comes from these areas of experience. It emerges when the individual sets of information from these areas become congruent and begin to vibrate in the same direction, i.e. when they become coherent. Then, a unified, coherent frequency of thinking and acting emerges, which enters the noosphere as overall information. It is the information of trust, unity and cooperation. The result is a fundamentally “universal” state of being, in which all life is connected and in communication and cooperation. The peaceworkers who work in these areas find themselves in a common vibrating, coherent frequency of consciousness. There cannot be any contradictions in the new overall information which we introduce into the noosphere, or else there will be “static on the line.” Here, high ethical standards are placed on peaceworkers. If, as a peaceworker, you do something that disturbs your own inner peace, then at this moment you are in a contradiction.

It is necessary to re-think all areas of life. If, for example, we truly want friendly cooperation with animals, then we must stop seeing them as consumer products. We will use (vegan) products that are free of complicity, we will use fewer and fewer cosmetics and medicines that have been tested in animal laboratories, etc. We do this not due to an outer set of morals, but because of the logic of facts. Every peaceworker who understands this logic, will be glad to follow it. One should know of these things, but not immediately turn them into dogma or laws. If one does, the result will be inquisitorial structures. First, we need to understand, then act on a trial basis, then understand more deeply, then act more thoroughly, then understand fully, and then act radically. If we act consistently, there are further consequences: we cannot live in a vegan fashion and at the same time watch how animals are killed in the world without doing something about it. We will thus continue to build the information of peace by taking certain actions in the world, maybe already in our neighborhood. Living in a rural area such as the Alentejo in Portugal, some of us in the Healing Biotope have begun to visit the farmers who let their donkeys and horses run around on their fields with their front legs tied together, speaking to the farmers about it in a friendly manner. If we do not do things like this, then in a sense we are in a contradiction and there is static on the line again. Following the Political Theory requires that we consistently engage in new behavior in the small details of our lives. If the actions that we take are not aligned with the great overall information, they have little effect. But if they occur within the framework of the overall information, they resonate with the great system, creation, the Earth body and with its structure of information, its basic functions and its spiritual laws. These actions are in resonance with the dream of the world (see next point). Such actions, taken day after day by a strong community, together form a power that enters the life body of the world and sets a new course for all beings. It creates a new readiness to act, opens a new direction for development and makes new decisions possible. It is the goal of the Healing Biotopes to make this happen.

The Reality of a Concrete Utopia

We do not have to invent the desired future, for it is – latently – already contained in the present. It must be accessed, seen and made conscious. This is a true process of envisioning. The young Marx wrote the following to Ruge:

“It will become plain that the world has long since dreamed of something of which it needs only to become conscious to possess in reality.”

This means that we only need to become conscious of the world dream in order to “possess” the content of the dream, i.e. realize the dream. We find a similar train of thought in the beautiful poem by Joseph von Eichendorff:

“There’s a song slumbering in all the things, that now dream on and on,
and the world commences to sing, if only you find the magic word.”

In all things there is thus the same song of the world, the same dream. It is a question of recognizing and realizing this dream of the world. Ernst Bloch called it the “nondum,” the “not yet,” the “utopian latency” or “concrete utopia.” This nondum has a latent (veiled) but real existence. It is a subtle matter image of reality which is inherent in all forms as a real blueprint and a real possibility. It is as with holography, where the original image – in a latent or “veiled” form – remains untouched behind the distorted images of a holographic film. If I direct the reference beam toward the film at the right angle, the undistorted image emerges through the distortions. The same is true of people: if I look at a person with the right attitude, the true image of his entelechy appears.

The existence of concrete utopia makes our work easier. Our efforts to develop new life structures are met from within by a power which guides us and makes it possible to do things that we otherwise could not have done. There are many examples of this. We are sometimes overcome by a complete calm and sense of security during an automobile accident. What is that? In the middle of a tumultuous situation with someone who so far has been my enemy, I suddenly experience feelings of understanding, sympathy and true compassion. What is that? In a violent revolutionary situation, I suddenly deeply experience that this is the wrong path. What is that? – It is the real presence of our “higher gestalt,” our “light gestalt.” It is a real part of “concrete utopia” or of the sacred matrix, which is always present. This is important in terms of dialectic and holographic thinking: concrete utopia is not only a subjective or arbitrary human vision – it is a real blueprint of reality. In the holistic concept of reality, the objective and the subjective aspects of the world belong close together. We saw this in the Haifa Manifesto: “There would be no thirst if there were not also water to quench it.”

A dream, vision, inner image and concrete utopia constitute the inner light of a coming reality that is already present in real latency and that has incredible effects. It lies behind all metamorphosis in nature. According to the Aboriginal people of Australia, the plant is the “dream” of the seed. The cockchafer is the “dream” of the larva. The butterfly is the “dream” of the caterpillar. We can see what a powerful dimension is at work here.

A real piece of future reality comes to light in a vision that has truly been seen and found. It is through the vision itself that the realization comes closer. The Russian mystic and scientist Solowjew stated that all actions and thoughts that are aligned with the harmony and unity of the world promote their manifestation.

The Project of the Healing Biotopes

Healing Biotopes are places on Earth where a living system is developed according to the basic qualities of trust, a sense of belonging and solidarity with all living beings. They are birthplaces and transmitting stations of the new information, places to learn and experience the sacred matrix and social and ecological vessels for collecting (and disseminating) healing energy. In order for the right information for a nonviolent way of existing to be transmitted to the noosphere, the Healing Biotopes must have enough complexity, duration, experience and members. (As mentioned earlier, the smallest number of co-workers necessary to bring forth the overall information probably lies at around 300–500.) Many years of practical experience are needed for those responsible and the co-workers to know clearly what it is all about and what changes are needed in their own way of life. When they begin with such a project, a process of revelation begins, challenging them to constantly take new steps and look in new directions.

Healing Biotopes emerge when the time is ripe. This seems to be the case today. The idea of the Healing Biotopes is not a private invention – it lies as a “mental-spiritual blueprint” in the spirit of the times. It has a high “utopian latency” and a high drive toward manifestation. What runs through us as an idea and a will corresponds to a tendency in the universe.

Once the information of the Healing Biotopes has been developed far enough, we will probably see a global chain reaction: as soon as the new information that is developed in the first Healing Biotope reaches a critical size in terms of energy, density and precision, the probability increases dramatically that similar centers emerge in other places on Earth. This occurs by itself based on the field principle (see point 3). As soon as the new matrix has materialized at one place on Earth, there is a high probability that it materializes at other places too, due to the field principle. It is still difficult to express this process in numbers. Maybe 10 further centers in 15 or 20 years? It is not so much an issue of the number of new centers – what is important is their power and the cohesion of their information. The more encompassing the new information is, and the more precisely it comes through, the more probable is the possibility that the existing system “topples.” The noosphere is then, so to speak, pregnant with the new information, and the old information of violence no longer receives any projections and dies. The outcome of the power struggle between the old and the new matrix is determined by processes of information. The new global civilization will emerge from places such as the network of new centers. To the extent that they conform to a blueprint of the universe, the Healing Biotopes are the real germ cells of a new era. Wherever new beginnings are possible – after all the dead-end streets, wars and destruction – the Healing Biotopes can be the enzymes of a new era.

This is an excerpt from the book The Sacred Matrix by Dieter Duhm.