Rui Braga, 21 May 2021

Tamera joins the #handsforhumanity campaign, to raise much needed awareness and funds for the globe’s 70.8 millions refugees. Leading up to the World Refugee Day, the campaign aims to raise 1 million handprints and donations by June 20th 2021.

In the context of Tamera’s location, we’ve used this day to focus on the situation of refugees and economic refugees in Portugal — namely the ones trapped in the criminal networks of agro-business.

With the surge of covid cases in southern Portugal, the inhumane living conditions of migrants are currently being exposed in new dimensions, together with extensive networks of human traffic and exploitation.

Contrary to the current media narrative, this is not an unexpected crime that took everyone by surprise, but an organised business model, driven by the perverse growth logic of global capitalism and enabled through the complicity of the Portuguese government and agro-entrepreneurs.

Help spread this campaign in 3 easy steps:

1. Take a picture of your handprint

2. Make a donation to any organisation that supports refugees

3. Share your picture on social media, tag your friends and add the hashtags #HFH2021 and #youarenotforgotten